Desert tortoise, Californians to keep golf community away from tumbleweeds

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The biggest problem the state of California has had to face over the years is that it's populated by too many Californians. Case in point: a recent proposal for a 1,200-lot golf community in the Southern California desert town of Joshua Tree. As the c… more »

Michelle Wie is the No. 3 women's golfer? Oh, please

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Fans of women's golf, the mystery is over. Those long, lonely nights of worrying about who is the best female golfer are over. For the fairer sex, Annika Sorenstam is the best there is. At least that's according to the first Rolex "Hey, Let's Authenti… more »

Curt Gowdy dies, leaves shoes that may not be fillable

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The number of truly great sports announcers became one less as Curt Gowdy died today. Gowdy was as good a baseball announcer as existed, and his type are becoming more rare. He was there when radio and television were young and he was part of making… more »

Verse the only way to celebrate life of mini-golf maverick

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On Tuesday in Vestal, N.Y., Robert R. Taylor Sr. died at the age of 89. Mr. Taylor, along with his brother Joseph, is credited with revolutionizing miniature golf by creating elaborate courses with complex obstacles, including pinball machines, lighthous… more »

Michael Savage takes on the best of golf in battle of wits

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One of our loyal readers, Under Par, made a comment in Tim McDonald's blog on why Dick Cheney should golf rather than hunt: "Just so you know, conservatives have far better senses of humor than liberals could ever hope to. Ever hear of Rush Limbaugh a… more »

A new Walrus: Kevin Stadler's Johnnie Walker victory easy to enjoy

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Kevin Stadler's victory at the Johnnie Walker Classic in Australia over the weekend was the type of victory it's easy to enjoy. A victory for the Baby Walrus? You have to love it. First of all, it's Craig Stadler's kid. You have to like the Walru… more »

Disney gets Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Ryder Cup action for Al Michaels

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Well, this is interesting. Seems broadcaster Al Michaels has finished a switch from ABC to NBC, in what was a fairly bizarre trade. The Walt Disney Co., owner of ESPN and ABC (and the souls of several million children, I hear) said it had dealt the v… more »

Old white dudes run amok on Hawaii golf course, paid very well to do so

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The Champions Skins Game took place on Monday at Wailea Golf Club's Gold Course in Hawaii, leaving dozens and dozens of fans breathless with excitement, though it's highly possible they were breathless to begin with. Prior to the event, organizers, in… more »

Prestwick 12 Golf: Offering less, but faster

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It was Robert Browning who brought the term "less is more," to life in his 1855 poem Andrea del Sarto. Ironically, that poem also included the lines "a man's reach should exceed his grasp," and "dufus golf bloggers aren't fooling anybody by leading off t… more »

Armed madman goes tom catting in Australia to delay tourney with criminal acts

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As the latest proof that golf is a breeding ground for criminal activities, the New South Wales amateur championship in Sydney, Australia was delayed when a deranged, armed madman went berserk. While the insane lunatic's name was not divulged, for pu… more »

An open letter to Nike: Close the deal with my unborn golfing prodigy while you still can

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To: Mark Parker, Incoming Nike CEO Dear Mr. Parker, After four years of marriage, my wife and I are planning on making 2006 the year we begin the machinations necessary to have our first child. Yes, we're going to do it. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.… more »

The Golf Blogger's ace and James Frey's memoir scam lead to questioning everything

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The Golf Blogger got a hole in one the other day. Or so he says. "There were no witnesses. I was the only one crazy enough to be out in that weather. Even the pro shop was closed. I wasn’t keeping score. So I have no official score card. I had shot… more »

Why golf fans must ensure Sophie Sandolo's place on top of the World's hottest athletes

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Sophie Sandolo is in contention for ESPN Page 2’s "Hottest Female Athlete of the Year," and we must help her win. Speaking to the 29-year-old Sandolo for a recent article, I asked her if she had any trepidation regarding turning 30 thi… more »

Making cut after wife arrested, merchandise stolen, makes John Daly an authentic knucklehead

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There's a fine line between being a sideshow, and being an entertaining knucklehead. Recently, my thoughts have gone from wondering why PGA Tour players are as dull as David Feherty's wit (referencing Rosie O'Donnell and Richard Simmons in 2006? Why… more »

Sound the conch: TravelGolf's Chad Campbell appreciation blog

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With the plethora of golf bloggers wandering around here, it's amazing anything gets missed. Issues that you were unaware were issues until we told you they were are ping-ponged about on these pages. Pros and cons are given, and feelings are hurt wit… more »