In continuing effort to cease existing, Ford pulling golf sponsorships

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Watching the Ford Motor Company go about its business is at once comedy and tragedy. Of course, such shouldn't be surprising from a company started by a man who both revolutionized the concept of middle-class in the U.S., while at the same time fundi… more »

Colossal collapse makes Owen No. 1 in latest Golfer Supremacy Rankings

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We receive literally millions of e-mails daily asking how we put together the Golfer Supremacy Rankings. Some offer bribes, kickbacks or sparkly things in order to get a golfer ranked higher. Sure, we could let a company like say, Titleist make these… more »

Hugo Chavez would love New York village's attempt to swipe private golf course

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About a year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that local municipalities may seize private property for development purposes. As one could imagine, this decision caused outrage and confusion. Would municipalities take advantage? In Manhasset, New York… more »

Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, all-star cast has Bay Hill Invitational looking like a classic

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The Bay Hill Invitational, which will officially change its name to "Arnold Palmer's Baby" in 2007, is off to a roaring start. With the first round coming to a close, the leaderboard is looking star-studded, as within two shots of the lead are: Tiger… more »

South Korean PM the latest to fall to golf's political rampage

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South Korean Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan resigned today, because of the unstoppable controversy caused when he played golf while a railway strike was causing transport chaos. Right on. While I am no Lee Hae-chan hater, let me just say this -- he pi… more »

Attention Michelle Wie, other young golf stars: Let Mark O'Meara be your friend

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The Scene: After finishing 73rd and last at the Honda Classic, Mark O'Meara is home, looking confused. While he's pleased that he's not this guy, he knows his game needs help. He used his one-time top-50 career money list exemption to play the 2006 PGA T… more »

Annika Sorenstam on top of Golfer Supremacy Rankings, but Tom Kite's better paid

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The staff that helps put together William K. Wolfrum's Golfer Supremacy Rankings are seriously overworked, but they do it for you, and for universal clarity of what golf rankings really are. Plenty of movement in the GSR's this week, which is bound to… more »

Camilo Villegas turning Colombia into a golf nation

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Many around the world think Americans adore women's soccer. They remember the big hub-bub we had in the U.S. a few year's back with the Women's World Cup and think that's how American's react to women's soccer all the time. It's kind of how you'd thin… more »

Gambling on golfers a sign you may need some help

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Coming across the betting odds for golf's biggest upcoming events, I was struck full force with one thought: "People actually bet on golf?" Basically it was a press release with the Hey-look-at-me headline of something like "Masters, Tiger Woods, Mich… more »

Kirby Puckett: A baseball great sent to the golf course, and then home, too early

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Kirby Puckett spent a good amount of his final years on the golf course, which in itself is a shame -- he should have still been on the baseball diamond. Puckett died yesterday at the all-too-young age of 45. But it really seems that a big part of him… more »

Ego overload at World Baseball Classic will help bring Bay Hill more viewers

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Having spent the better part of the last decade watching a decent portion of its fan base throw up its hands and proclaim "Why am I watching this?," Major League Baseball has decided to go nationalistic with the World Baseball Classic. Nations from ar… more »

Russians make deal to hit golf ball into orbit to test limits of marketing

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Golf is once again playing a leading role as mankind prepares for its latest leap into stupidity. From "Russia plans to hit a golf ball into Earth orbit from the International Space Station. If NASA approves the plan, the ball w… more »

Sandolo gets victory and top seed in only golf rankings that matter

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By virtue of winning the Princess Lalla Meriem Cup at the Royal Dar es Salaam Golf Club in Rabat, Morocco, Sophie Sandolo has become much more than just a fabulous babe that poses naked with golf clubs, she's become a winner. She's also earned the No.… more »

China invents golf, Sophia Loren is hot, Wie won't dominate, other meanderings

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China is making a push to prove it invented golf with a new museum exhibit. We here agree completely after deducing that disagreeing would make us a Web sita non grata to 1.3 billion Chinese. It is almost statistically proven that if you believe it's… more »

Carnage at La Costa: Tiger Woods obliterates Stephen Ames

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A reporter asked Stephen Ames how he thought he'd fare against Tiger Woods in their opening-round match in the Match Play Championship at La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, Calif."Anything can happen," Ames said, smiling. "Especially where he's hitting the… more »