The Golfer Supremacy Rankings: Where fat is always a fan favorite

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Here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings, we'd like to celebrate the life of Orson Welles, who was born 91 years ago this month. Welles was a dynamic actor, writer and director who turned wine pitch man, and exceedingly fat. For this, he is to be commend… more »

LeBron James doing things only Tiger Woods can understand

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When Tiger Woods obliterated the field in the 1997 Masters to become the youngest champion in that tournament's storied history, it was a merging of brilliance in every way imaginable. Tiger was playing in a way no one was familiar with and handling… more »

LPGA continues to show corporate mentality with mom and pop product

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If the LPGA doesn't want Barry and Stacy Solomon, then they have no idea who they want. In a Golf for Beginners blog, the Solomons recount their battle to get media credentials for the upcoming Sybase Classic. "The LPGA does not acknowledge blogs (… more »

Exclusive! New document shows possible rules changes in golf

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To: Rules Committee From: Tim Finchem Re: New golf rules proposal Hey guys, As per our discussion, here are some proposed rule changes for our game. I really think these will help everyone. Peace Out, Timmy New rules proposal 1. If y… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings: Help make us the official golf rankings of vloggercon

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The people behind the Golfer Supremacy Rankings fully agree that sexism is rampant on the Internet and needs to be eliminated. We hereby would like to wish a pox upon Heather McMichael and all the other hysterical spazzes who are blind to the feeling… more »

Jose Ferrer golf sketches bring joy to rabid golferrers around the globe

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If you're anything like me, you find nearly all aspects of life completely unbearable with the exception of two things -- golf and legendary, deceased actor Jose Ferrer. Swoon, I say. Swoon! Now, thanks to Yahoo Auctions, we "golferrer's" (as we… more »

Robbing banks for green fees possibly a sign golf is too expensive

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Ok, maybe it's time to accept that green fees are getting out of hand at some courses. In Maryland, Thomas C. Springer told a judge that he needed money to play golf. That's why he robbed a bank last November. Seems that Springer walked into a Ch… more »

Daly, Barkley and rest of the new breed unable to see inherent dangers of gambling

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My late grandfather always had a taste for gambling and was surprisingly good at it. However, when he was young and newly married he lost $1,000 playing craps. Back then that was a fairly ridiculously high sum. Unwilling to tell my grandmother about h… more »

The Temple of Love: An SEO and golfer's dream cult

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There are religions, there are scams, and then there is the Temple of Love. Yes, the Temple of Love, a search-engine optimizer's dream cult is here to make everything better. This is a sect that tells it like it is, asks the tough questions and pander… more »

Smugness of new Masters' boss of no use to golf or humanity

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"Tomorrow night, after tonights (sic) show, I've decided to have some strippers over. All are welcome however there will be no nudity. i plan on killing the bitches as soon as the[y] walk in and proceding (sic) to cut their skin off." -- E-mail messag… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings: C'mon in, we mention Michelle Wie at least twice

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Here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings, if just one person appreciates what we do, well, that's one more than we expected. Golfer Supremacy Rankings 1. Jim Furyk Comments: A while ago I came to the realization that Mr. Show actor/comedian Tom Ken… more »

Great weekend for Michelle Wie highlights LPGA's folly

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When Lou Saban arrived as the new coach of the Buffalo Bills in 1972, it didn't take him long to go through his inventory and see the future of his team. "We've got Secretariat out there, and we're going to run him," reportedly said Saban in so many w… more »

Shroud of Turin golf towel: bring idol worship to your golf bag

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When Aaron Baddeley let it be known that he dedicated his final putt to Jesus during his Verizon Heritage victory it was a touching moment. Nonetheless, members of other major religions felt terribly left out. Even members of smaller religions like sn… more »

One step taken: Michelle Wie makes the cut against men in Korea

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"We're sorry, Michelle can't come out this weekend, she's playing golf with the boys" Showing no signs of falling apart, Michelle Wie made the cut at the SK Telecom Open in Incheon, South Korea -- a men's event. For those looking to keep up with Wi… more »

Sorry Charlie: No one cares about the gambling debts of announcers

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Upon finding out that Jennifer Mario's book Michelle Wie: The Making of a Champion will soon be hitting book stores, I immediately went to work on trying to think of something that I did in the past that could qualify as cool. I came up with something… more »