Dear President Bush: Please use your special powers to help the U.S. win the Ryder Cup

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Dear President Bush, While I understand that you are a busy man that works day and night single-handedly keeping the nation safe from the endless marauding hordes of Islamonazifascistmurderingpedofiles, they currently seem to have their attention dive… more »

A U.S. Ryder Cup victory is assured if players get the self-help they really need

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For myself, one of the great, unintended consequences of technology is that I have gone completely and totally bonkers with listening to books on tape. If someone is reading something and saving me the time, I'm all over it. Over the past few weeks I'… more »

Ryder! Coming soon to a theater and Golf Channel near you

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Coming soon to a theater near you … Ryder! Voice Over: In a world of chaos, two teams come together for a battle on a golf course in Ireland. They thought they were just playing for the Ryder Cup, but between the first drive and the final putt,… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings demand a full, unconditional, weeping apology from the Pope

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We here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings hereby demand a full, unconditional apology from Pope Benedict XVI for his recent insinuation that we are a "golf rankings of hate." We find this proclamation to be hurtful, shortsighted and somewhat perplexing to… more »

Golf in the News: Analyzing the big stories so you don't have to

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With both Michelle Wie and Tiger Woods sitting at home this weekend, one would imagine that all golf news would come to a grinding halt. It didn't. Color us surprised. Golf in the News "Michelle Wie Keeps Finishing Last" The Source: Deadspin.c… more »

Bob Ney the latest politico to learn the hazards of messing with golf

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There are a slew of great things about golf that true fans recognize. Of course, there's the professional game, where we get to see players like Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam do things in competition that shatter our minds. For most, the main thril… more »

From Michelle Wie to LeBron James to 9/11 conspiracy believers, there are haters amongst us

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I see hating people. They're everywhere. They walk around like everyone else and don't know they're haters. Nonetheless, the haters are out there. Fo' shizzle. In golf, Michelle Wie is putting the finishing touches on a year that has taken her from… more »

Like the Family Finau, the Golfer Supremacy Rankings mean business

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Being the CEO of the Golfer Supremacy Rankings is an imposing job with innumerable responsibilities. Way too many to mention here. But in the end, we will do whatever it is necessary to keep our stockholders happy. So we're not that upset we were left… more »

If Michelle Wie can play in PGA events, why can't I?

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A while back, Golf for Beginners' Stacy and Barry Solomon brought up the issue of why bloggers have such a hard time getting media credentials to pro golf tournaments. It was the sort of thing that created an interesting debate, with people seemingly spl… more »

Being Dot Wong:'s blogging hottie caught in the act

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Few human beings, let alone golf bloggers, have captured the imagination of the public like's Dot Wong. She's long, she's lean, she loves ellipses. Of course, the public (you know who you are) always wants more of a good thing. Because… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings: All your golf tournament games are belong to us

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Here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings we know a story when we see one. Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam winning events? Been there, done that. Nike and B.J., squeezing every last cent out of Michelle Wie at another men's event? So what. No, the story… more »

Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter," dies doing what he loves at age 44

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Many of us woke up this morning to a world not quite as good as it was when we went to sleep the night before. Steve Irwin, the famous "Crocodile Hunter," died Monday a.m. after being stung by a stingray in a marine accident off Australia's north coast.… more »

After U.S. loss to Greece at World Basketball Championships, it's Ryder Cup or nothing

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Once again proving that they are the best basketball players in the world - except for shooting, defense, playing as a team or actually winning anything - the U.S. men's national basketball team lost to Greece, 101-95 at the FIBA World Championships, and… more »

DiCaprio, Nicholson get day at golf course interrupted by terrifying bobcat

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Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly had a golf game broken up - by a bobcat. From the Monsters and Critics: DiCaprio's [golf] lesson was interrupted when a bobcat - a small wild cat related to the Lynx, usually no bigger than half a met… more »

Troy Lee Gentry: Will killing a tame bear help sell proposed new golf book?

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Hunters around the globe, and in fact, in other galaxies, winced hard when a recent story came out on country singer Troy Lee Gentry, half of the country music duo Montgomery Gentry. It seems Gentry, in an effort to appear manly, decided to do something… more »