An important tip for all golfers: Beware of rugby players

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As a longtime sports writer, I'm pretty well versed in all athletic endeavors from around the globe. Take rugby, for example. Rugby is a sport that I've studied, long and hard, for the several minutes since I came up with the idea for this blog. Whil… more »

John Daly, Britney Spears get divorced: A new power couple awaits

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On a day when election coverage should be the only news that matters, two massive events have shaken the United States, leaving the elections in the dust. Both John Daly and Britney Spears are getting divorced. Daly, who stood by wife Sherrie Mill… more »

Tara Reid's stomach: Proof that golf can go with everything

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The diehard golfer can fit golf into any discussion. From the gross domestic product of Peru (Did you know the Peru State women's golf team is hoping for big things this spring?), to Agamemnon's performance as Greek leader in the Trojan war (I'm not sure… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings making like Tiger Woods and taking the show on the road for big bucks, while we're allowed

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The Golfer Supremacy Rankings have spent every morning of 2006 waking up early, feeding the pigs, and then making sure our workers pick only the most aromatic beans in order to make sure you, the golf rankings aficionado, has the finest, most flavorful g… more »

When it comes to cash, Michelle Wie is the bomb

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If you rank golfers based on their cash-making skills, Michelle Wie is every bit the champion her supporters claim. Of course, Tim Finchem is doing pretty well himself. A new Golf Digest article takes a look at what people in golf are making, and it's… more »

Tim Finchem shows his pain while Tiger Woods tries to maintain some Privacy

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While Tim Finchem does his best to show the sporting world how truly impotent his position as PGA Tour Commissioner is, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are enjoying their privacy. "I'm disappointed, candidly. There's no other way to characterize it. I'… more »

God Supremacy Rankings see golfers getting devout of here

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We here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings are willing to praise any deity provided he/she/it forks over the non-refundable $19.99 Praise-Me fee ($119.99 for Scientologist deities). Make no mistake however that God, blowing off all other duties, has foc… more »

Travel tip: Sometimes its best to let the world know you're harmless

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Leaving the U.S. is always bittersweet. While it's hard to leave my country and family here, heading back home to my wife is something I'm ready for as a month away. It's as my wife has said: When you are a couple from two different countries, there wil… more »

Tiger Woods gets a recharge that soccer stars like Ronaldinho could only dream about

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While those with a shaky theological base may have thoughts that Tiger Woods is, in fact, God, one would be hard pressed to find that same opinion shared by the world's top soccer players. Saying he was exhausted from his hectic schedule, Woods announ… more »

Pork-laden defense bill gets one right: Will help disabled U.S. veterans get on the golf course

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An addition to the 2006 defense bill will help get disabled U.S. vets golf carts that will have them on the course. There are few things our government enjoys slapping things on to major bills that make their way to the President's desk. The vast majo… more »

Like Michael J. Fox, the Golfer Supremacy Rankings are willing to fake it to get results

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Recently, favorite Rush Limbaugh took some time off of his normal schedule of Viagra-fueled vacations to such sex tourism destinations as the Dominican Republic to make some comments on a pro-stem cell research / political ad by Michael J.… more »

Ask a Ninja to find the answers to life's big questions, from golf to physics

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If anyone asked me, I'd tell them to take the St. Louis Cardinals in six games in the World Series. Mainly that's because it seems like Michigan has enough on its hands right now to have Detroit get set on fire again due to a sports championship. Of c… more »

Great golf and burgers outshine dorks on cell phones and stupid logos in the good ol' USA

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Smack dap in the middle of my four-week stay in the U.S. after an absence of two years, I've had great times becoming reacquainted with some of the things I've missed about this great nation of ours. Like the "Double Double" I enjoyed at In-N-Out last… more »

A tough round in Reno proves I'm a better golfer than Chris Baldwin

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Let it be known that Chris Baldwin's claims of being the world's "worst golf-playing golf writer" in the world are not just mindless hyperbole, like the majority of his claims. I had the opportunity to play Arrowcreek Golf Club, a top-notch course in… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings bail on Baghdad as others bail from golf, and integrity

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When the Golfer Supremacy Rankings decided to make its home office in Baghdad, we were assured that it was like Myrtle Beach, with the exception of the beach and golf courses. And every so often the ground or people would explode. But aside from that we… more »