Military coup in Fiji hurts golf industry less than ESPN's Scoop Jackson hurts the literate

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Taking my cue from columnist Scoop Jackson, I spent a good part of the morning working on a blog written from the perspective of a golf ball. "Look at me, I'm a Maxfli Noodle. I have a soft-yet-durable Surlyn cover. Whoops, you just sliced me… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings see Jim Furyk, Tiger Woods and Erica Blasberg hard at work

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For one hour a week, every week (-ish) we here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings toil away at the GSR Super Computer, anxiously awaiting it to spit out the rankings that the golf-rankings-hungry population craves. We put in five, sometimes six hours a mon… more »

Lack of cheerleaders will keep LPGA, PGA from attaining widespread popularity

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Browsing around, I had an epiphany -- until the PGA and LPGA get with the program, get cheerleaders and have them perform wacky stunts, they'll never reach the heights of the NBA or NFL when it comes to popularity. Exhibit A: This double-… more »

Reviewing golf podcasts while getting dental work: A whole new way to get drilled

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As most of you can imagine, I am an extremely busy man. There are things for me to do all the time, day and night. It seems everywhere I look there are things. And the thing is, these things never stop coming. They just pile up. I am endlessly surrounded… more »

Like Fox and the rest of the media, Golfer Supremacy Rankings willing and able to lie to keep sponsors happy

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We here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings pride ourselves on being the world's most honest, professional rankings system. At least we used to pride ourselves on that. Then we learned we didn't actually have to be honest if we didn't feel like it. You… more »

A haiku to Michelle Wie's Casio World Open victim

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Deep scar of the soul Oh Tomomichi Oto Lost to Michelle Wie --WKW more »

War profiteers are thankful for great golf and bundles of blood stained cash

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This week, Americans get to spend time with family and friends to give thanks for all the good things in their lives. And the day after that, they get to shop like their hair is on fire. Yes, with Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, it's time to look at… more »

Sexy golf blogger toes the line between whoring for hits and making valid points

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Recently it's come to my attention that there are readers out there that believe I, William K. Wolfrum, the undisputed sexiest male blogger in the entire Golf Publisher Syndications network, is a keyword whore who will stick any subject together with gol… more »

Can golf turn the tide in Iran and the Middle East?

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In a Middle East that has been nicely shaken, and stirred, Iran continues to be a big thorn in the world's side. Actively striving to create a nuclear program, flexing its muscles in a chaotic region, endlessly threatening Israel and rattling its sabres… more »

Natalie Gulbis vs. Michelle Wie: Selling your body obviously better than selling out your game

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It is an odd world we live in when Michelle Wie takes so much more grief from the general public than Natalie Gulbis does. Both are winless. Both are hyped with an intensity normally only seen when McDonald's releases a new product. But one gets a much e… more »

If O.J. Simpson can get iffy, so can a golf blogger

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In a career full of glorious achievements, including gaining 2,003 yards rushing in 1973, the Naked Gun movies, the murders of his wife and her friend, and the O.J. Simpson Trial, O.J. Simpson is preparing for his next blockbuster smash - his new book "… more »

De La Hoya-Mayweather bout will highlight how age matters more in boxing than golf

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In the world of golf, 36-year-old Jim Furyk defeating the 30-year-old Tiger Woods would hardly count as an upset. While Woods is universally considered the better player, Furyk, at No. 2, is talented, experienced and calm under pressure. Any tournament e… more »

Canada's Jim Rutledge shows what pro golf and determination are all about

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While professional golf is so often defined by the best in the game, whether it be Tiger Woods' continued domination of the men's game, or Lorena Ochoa's ascendancy to the top of the LPGA, pro golf is so much more that just the big names with the best ga… more »

Australian Open will showcase great Down Under traditions, as well as best golfers in the world

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There is something special about a nation's open golf championship. At prestigious tournaments like the British and U.S. opens, there is a sense of tradition in the air, an overriding ambiance of class and structure, a blah of blah-blah-blah, with honor… more »

The truth about golf: It's the great shots that keep us coming back for more

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Having recently finished a golf excursion that saw me play eight rounds at eight diverse golf courses on the West Coast, I have learned a few things, but only one great truth. I learned things about my swing - that I need to keep my right armed tucked… more »