Colts, Peyton Manning will go Tiger Woods on Bears in the Super Bowl

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There was a time when watching the Super Bowl was like watching the U.S. interrogate a foreigner. Someone got savagely beaten and no one learned anything. San Francisco beat Denver by 45 in Super Bowl XXIV. Dallas trounced Buffalo by 35 in Super Bowl… more »

Have your child golf - it won't give them herpes

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There are myriad reasons for you to introduce your child to golf. Not only is it outdoor exercise, it's a sport that requires discipline and concentration, but it's a great bonding ritual for parent and child. Aside from that, there's yet another reason… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings: Where Luke Swilor's wins trump Tiger Woods

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Here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings, we do things a little differently. We don't take money from big corporations to influence our rankings. We live on the wild side. We're independent, strong and confident. We actually once shot a guy in Reno in the l… more »

Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Mistress Morgana battle for dominance

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On a weekend that saw both Tiger Woods and Roger Federer continue to dominate in their chosen fields, the sporting world has come to realize that we are in the middle of watching two all-time greats at the peak of their powers. But while many complain… more »

Tiger Woods outshines NHL All-Star Game without taking a swing

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For many years, I enjoyed the hockey in much the same way as my Australian Shepherd, Duchess enjoys examining a new bug. Sort of with a "hey, look at that. What else is on?" attitude. That was before my college days, when a guy I worked with at the Un… more »

State of the Golfer Supremacy Rankings Address

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My fellow Golf Rankings lovers, This rite of custom brings us together at a defining hour — when decisions are hard and courage is tested. We enter the year 2007 with large endeavors underway, and others that are ours to begin. In all of this, much… more »

Rush Limbaugh alert: NFL a battle of gang-bangers; golf still Ok

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This just in from Rush Limbaugh, the noted expert on the effects of Parkinson's Disease: "Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it," said Limbau… more »

Help get used golf balls sent to U.S. Troops

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For those that would rather show their support of the U.S. troops in the Middle East via actions rather than rhetoric, the Evansville (Ind.) City Council and Red Cross could use your help. Recently, the City of Evansville started a program to send use… more »

David Duval gets his fans feeling all hyperbolic again

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Here's a little-known fact about the PGA Tour: If David Duval breaks 70 during an event, it kick-starts a massive hyperbole machine, sending his fans into hysterics. Duval, who was the No. 1 player in golf about 75 years ago, has put together a couple… more »

Can Phil Mickelson continue to be an American idol on a limited schedule?

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Back when I was a professional wrestler in the Piss-Yourself-and-Run-Away Division of the now-defunct "Not Giving Much of An Effort Championship Wrestling" (NGMAECW), I learned quite a bit about how to promote myself. The crowd demanded dedication and de… more »

Michelle Wie a trailblazer? Tadd Fujikawa says so

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The unbelievable performance by 16-year-old Tadd Fujikawa at the Sony Open was a breath of fresh air, both on and off course. The tiny terror showed himself to be as adept with a microphone in front of him as he is with putter in hand. Some highlights… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings: Tadd shows Wie that doing is better than dreaming

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Walking around the vast Golfer Supremacy Rankings Complex, one can really come to grips with one's thoughts and aspirations. And while we here at the GSRs have made it clear that all we care about is producing great golf rankings, we realize that others… more »

David Beckham will join the MLS? Looks like PGA will have one less competitor

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In a rumor that is sweeping the globe while just inching across the U.S., soccer star David Beckham will sign with the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer tomorrow, making him by far the highest profile soccer player to play in the States since Pel… more »

If Bill Kristol can get a job at Time Magazine, so should a bad golf prognosticator

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At the start of every year, I like to make a self-evaluation. I take a hard look at myself as a writer and person and try and work on my faults. I must admit, I have few, but there is one glaring issue I struggle with: I cannot make a prediction to sa… more »

Is 'Coca-Cola's Dance Party Golf Blog' just a golf blog by another name?

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Many of you think this is but a simple golf blog. In reality, however, it is and can be so much more. Because you have entered into: William K. Wolfrum's Dance Party Golf Blog! All righttttt. Welcome to the Dance Party, babies. All the big stars, h… more »