Let's Nuke China: Sluggish stock market, ban on golf are an assault on our freedoms

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It goes without saying that the United States is terrorized from all angles. There are the IslamoFascistNazis hiding behind every third tree, waiting patiently to slice everyone's throats. There's Mexico, bundling up its criminals and sending them to the… more »

Bob Ney - Prisoner No. 28882-016 - reports to prison as golf laughs last

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Former U.S. Representative Bob Ney has moved to his new home - a jail cell in Morgantown, W.V. Ney drunkenly careened through the House for many a year, patriotically renaming French fries and accepting damn near anything in the way of bribes for his… more »

Could Tiger Woods thrive after getting a boot to the head like John Terry?

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Not long ago, Tiger Woods, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, gave this response to a reporter who asked him if Tiger would push his future son into playing soccer. "No, not soccer," Woods said. "Hopefully something more physical." TravelGolf.com… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings: Tom Tancredo fumes as PGA gets Funky in Mexico

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We here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings have come to the conclusion that 2008 Presidential hopeful Tom Tancredo must despise professional golf these days. Tancredo, hoping to be elected on the "Hispanics, Hey, Let's Round Them Up and Kill Them" platf… more »

Golfer Supremacy-ipidia presents: Fuzzy Zoeller

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A lot of people in charge spend a great deal of time wondering why we, the Golfer Supremacy Rankings, need a staff of over 400, 14 vehicles, and unfettered access to Air Force One. But there's a reason for this extravagance. You see, we've been prepar… more »

The new USGA golf blog: A completely random, brutal and unprovoked attack

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Not along ago, I would have never spent any of my valuable time critiquing a blog from the USGA. It would just seem wrong. Once they got all corporated up, however, signing deals with American Express and Lexus, it became open season. So it was with s… more »

Knee-Jerk Theatre: Phil Mickelson's latest playoff loss examined

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Welcome everyone to the latest installment of "Knee-Jerk Theatre," the blog where we take a recent sporting event, and look at how other bloggers completely freaked out over it. Today we'll be looking at how bloggers reacted to Phil Mickelson's second-pl… more »

Ron Mon golfing 100 holes to fight cancer - let's help him

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More often than not when I leave the house, some paparazzi type will approach me and start asking questions about TravelGolf.com blogger Ron Mon. In such instances I'm normally left with no recourse other than to beat said paparazzi type within one inch… more »

Phil Mickelson's act of kindness for Conrad Dobler shines a light on the NFL

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There's a funny video floating through the tubes of Internets right about now showing Joe Rogan verbally demolishing fellow comedian Carlos Mencia for stealing material. It seems Mencia (real name: Ned Holness) has a serious reputation for stealing m… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings: Jim Rutledge needs some bikini-girl mojo

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We do things a little differently here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings. We open our eyes wide and see the big picture. We are big-eyed, wide-picture watchers. If there's a picture, and it's big, you can count on us being there watching. If you see us wi… more »

New House bill will take away all your Internet privacy

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We all have our dirty little Internet secrets. For some, it's enjoying the blogs at Worldgolf.com and Travelgolf.com. For others, it's racier fare, like say, taking a look at the latest offering from CaddyChick.com. There's even some that enjoy the truly… more »

Russell Crowe and Bill Murray: One movie star cool, one a tool

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If there is one profession that is over rated to the point of hysteria, it's "Movie Star." Face it, it's by far the easiest job in the world, especially when you factor in the obscenely large paychecks. For goodness sake, even a Scientologist can be a mo… more »

Kentucky loses a golfer

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Army Maj. Michael Lewis Mundell was killed recently in Iraq. Maj. Mundell, 47, was raised in Canonsburg, Pa., and was a 1977 graduate of Canon-McMillan High School. He had lived in Kentucky for more than 20 years, according to the Pittsburgh Post-G… more »

Rep. Dan Burton: Why do your job when you can golf with Ray Romano?

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Being a U.S. Congressmen isn't easy. You put your reputation on the line, day after day. You sometimes have to spend as many as three days a week doing your job. You have to live off a paltry salary of just $165,000 a year (not counting bribes). None… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings celebrate Tiger Woods History Month

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At the Golfer Supremacy Rankings we celebrate diversity. Literally celebrate it. We have diversity festivals, diversity luncheons, diversity surprise parties, and occasionally even diversity brunches. We be diverse. Sadly, we are a golf rankings syste… more »