Will sinking U.S. dollar keep Europe's best away from PGA Tour?

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First of all, let me just say that I have to thank Fox News for making the "Make a statement with a question" headline a journalistic standard. You can totally get away with anything. Like: "Will Tiger Woods quit golf to travel the world on foot solvi… more »

I can outblog PGA Tour's Tim Finchem while suffering from blog amnesia in anti-blog land

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PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem has a blog! He has a blog!!! You can find it here, and let me tell you, it's more entertaining than GolfWeek's last meeting on how they should commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Let's take a quick look at what… more »

From Tilghman to GolfWeek: The 'discussion' of diversity in golf is over

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Jamele Hill's latest column for ESPN.com is headlined with a question: "Can one awful comment change golf for better?" The simple answer: No. The last couple weeks have been a rocky one for the golf world, first with Kelly Tilghman's "lynch Tiger i… more »

GolfWeek's noose cover the latest attempt to prove golf elitest and racist

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Above is the cover GolfWeek Magazine chose to illustrate the Kelly Tilghman "lynch Tiger in the back alley" comment, in all its cute "play on words" glory. The cover goes along with a pathetic story by Senior Writer Scott Hamilton that does little more t… more »

K.J. Choi, Mike Huckabee could make 2008 a magical year for the faithful

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When K.J. Choi ran away with the Sony Open to record his seventh career PGA Tour victory a couple thoughts ran through my head. First, it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. It's great to see Choi's success, as he truly is as good a person as he is a golfer.… more »

Tiger Woods must be fired from PGA Tour for remarks made by Kelly Tilghman

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The fallout from Kelly Tilghman's "lynch him in a back alley" comment about Tiger Woods is slowly coming to a close, as pundits, golfers, fans, and just about everyone has made their opinion known about Tilghman's Golf Channel gaffe. This is often the… more »

Tilghman in rapid retreat after "Lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley" comment

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Kelly Tilghman's fast-rising career at Golf Channel has run flat into a brick wall after she brilliantly used the verb "lynch" along with the proper noun "Tiger Woods" in a sentence."Report: Golf Channel anchor apologizes for 'lynch' remark"Golf… more »

Punch Russell Crowe in the head with proposed Golf Blog Contest!

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Ok, I'm pretty sure you're all with me on this. Russell Crowe is an annoying idiot. So, that fact has been created, and now exists, and cannot be argued about. So, what I am proposing to you the reader, as well as to big-shot WorldGolf.com management,… more »

Just how good a golfing day is Jan. 2?

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Here's a thought that occurred to me - today must be a great day for golf courses around the country. I mean, it's January 2. With absolutely no proof aside from gut instinct, I say with complete confidence that this must be a great day for golf in th… more »

Will Tiger Woods pull a New England Patriots' act in 2008?

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While my esteemed colleague (from what I'm told) Brandon Tucker, made a gleeful, awe-inspired, frivolous and pandering call that Tiger Woods will win the Grand Slam in 2008, I laughed directly into the face of his little bio photo at the top of his blog,… more »

Caption this Image: Jesus is behind you and your golf game

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Hey everyone, it's time to play "Caption this Image" the long-running blog game show that has swept the nation! Ok, this is the first time I've done it, but it can be a popular blog technique, or so I've read. So, courtesy of Golf Blogger and Conan O'… more »

Like everything else in the U.S. in 2008, Lefties will dominate golf

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From time to time this blog edges into other subjects, often with an either substantial, or occasionally totally inconsequential connection to golf. It's not a completely uncommon occurrence in the world of golf blogging. Take into account Paris Hilton.… more »

George W. Bush runs U.S. like he golfs - with as little thinking as possible

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During the 2004 Presidential Election, Chris Baldwin endorsed George W. Bush in a BadGolfer.com column. Baldwin's main reasoning (if you could call it that) was that Bush played golf and John Kerry windsurfed. With the BadGolfer.com endorsement in hand,… more »

Roger Clemens, Miguel Tejada, Barry Bonds named in Mitchell Report - is golf listening?

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George Mitchell has unveiled his report on illegal steroids in baseball, and it names names: Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Miguel Tejada, Barry Bonds, Mo Vaughn, Lenny Dykstra, Paul Lo Duca, Eric Gagne, and David Justice, among others. Still Mitchell sai… more »

Tiger Woods the epitome of today's non-activist athlete

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Chris Baldwin has a new post up, requesting Tiger Woods get involved with the 2008 Presidential Election, in at least some way ("It's time for Tiger Woods to follow Oprah into Presidential politics"). But the simple fact is, Tiger is not going to go a… more »