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Charlie Axel Woods makes Tiger's family a foursome

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Tiger and Elin Woods became parents to two, welcoming Charlie Axel Woods to the clan today. As Jason Sobel said at "Let the records show that Woods now trails Jack Nicklaus by four majors and three offspring." Congrats to Elin, Tiger, Sa… more »

Bad Golfer sues for keeping his ball on the eye

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This is a specific warning to all bad golfers out there - golf courses use yardage markers. Should your ball ricochet off one of these markers and, say, blind you, I'd say you aren't entitled to damages. Of course, that's for the courts to decide.… more »

Golf needs a token Michael Phelps

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Let me start this off with a money-back guarantee - right now there is at least one card-carrying member of the PGA Tour that's wacky on the goof balls. I guarantee it. I bring this up due to the Michael Phelps fiasco. Phelps, who won 100,000 gold med… more »

When will Tiger Woods return to golf on the PGA Tour?

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Doing a little poking around the Google, I found that one question dominates the national discourse. And it has nothing to do with the economy, Barack Obama, or even the Super Bowl. No, it has to do with Tiger Woods. Specifically, when will he return fro… more »

California golfers must recall Arnold Schwarzenegger for golf tax

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If there is one thing that golfers can agree with, it's that the government has no business being on golf courses. Unless, of course, you happen to be House Minority Speaker John Boehner. But these days, golfers in California have more on their plate the… more »

Spotlight on GCBAA's Sticks for Kids

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While somewhat unfortunately named, the Golf Course Builders Association of America's Stick for Kids Program has steadily grown. Here are some of the good things they're up to this year: LINCOLN, Neb. (Jan. 20, 2009) - More children than ever are le… more »

Barack Obama has been sworn in as U.S. President - will golfers pay the price?

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While Barack Obama's recent victory as the "Bad Golfer of the Decade" shows that the new President should help make it cool to duff, golfers around the globe are still wary about the nation's first African-American President. Will he suppor… more »

Barack Obama: The Bad Golfer of the Decade

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For golfers, one thing stands out about President-Elect Barack Obama - he's not a very good golfer. For the average golfer, however, this news couldn't be better. This is why at, we decided to honor Obama with the "Bad Golfer of the Deca… more »

Catch Lorena Ochoa documentary on Fox Sports Espanol

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It was 18 months ago that I spoke to long-time friends and filmmakers Christopher Vitiello and Jonathan Ochoa about their work on a documentary on Lorena Ochoa, the world's No. 1 female golfer. This month, their work has come to life as Fox Sports Espano… more »

Wie have an accomplishment

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Few professional athletes have dealt with as many as up and downs before the age of 20 than Michelle Wie. But now, the young woman that has created so much positive and negative attention over the past several years has something she never really had bef… more »

In Brazil I am a Golfer

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Just thought I'd pass this little tidbit along. I was recently involved in a media story about a couple guys who hoaxed their way on to MSNBC. Because of this, I am now a golfer in Brazil: Click the image to enlarge it. Here's what it says about m… more »

If Scientologists are allowed to take our golf courses, what's next?

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Golden Era Golf Course was a pleasant nine-hole run in Gilman Hot Springs, Calif. It was a nice challenge for golfers looking to get some holes in while enjoying the local area. And then the Scientologists came and took it all away. For the most part,… more »

Bernie Mac left his mark as a golfer - on the back of Samuel Jackson's skull

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On August 8, the comedy world lost a unique talent when comedian and actor Bernie Mac died from complications from pneumonia. Mac was one-of-a-kind, and whether you were a fan or not, it was sad to see him go at the young age of 50. And while Mac left… more »

Curt the Golfer's five aces proves Barack Obama's victory was pre-ordained

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By now, you've likely heard the main reason why John McCain lost the Presidency - Sarah Palin. Yes, it was all the Alaska Governor's fault. She was a diva that was unaware Africa was a continent, didn't know what countries were in NAFTA, was not positive… more »

A letter to John Daly from a fellow traveler

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Dear John Daly, We've never met but I know you. Like you, I am an alcoholic. So when I saw the story of you being arrested at a Hooters for public intoxication, I thought I'd write to you. Because in a few months, I'll celebrate my sixth year of sobri… more »