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Tiger Woods: One of us! One of us!

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When I first heard of Tiger Woods car accident today, my first thoughts were for his health. Then, after learning he's fine and already home, I started thinking what fantastic news this is for all of us. You see, for years, Tiger Woods has thwarted ou… more »

Michelle Wie, Tiger Woods win on same day - nation's golf media placed on Code Red

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Not since man first came up with the idea to hit a ball with a stick until it's in a hole has the golf world had a bigger, more important day than yesterday. Yes, on one epic Sunday, both Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie won professional golf tournaments.… more »

Barack Obama must give Nobel Prize money to Tiger Woods

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Since President Barack Obama was announced as the Nobel Peace Prize winner, I - unlike every other human on the planet - did not form an immediate opinion. There must be something to this that we're missing, thought I. And then it came to me - Tiger Wood… more »

A Kissing Bandit can spice up Steve Stricker, FedEx Cup

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Now listen, I understand that much of the audience for this blog will scream blasphemy and that it's been a brilliant year for the PGA Tour. And I'm with you on that, but this is about entrenched golf fans. This is about the middle-of-the-road sports fan… more »

Hey, look! It's the Solheim Cup

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The world of golf has spent the past month or so talking about Yang. And Tiger. It's also spent the past several weeks not talking much about Stewart Cink winning the British Open. But if there's one golf subject out there not getting enough media pla… more »

Y.E. Yang's victory over Tiger Woods means one thing - Time to ban South Koreans

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For the past decade or so, South Korean golfers have been a dominant presence on the LPGA Tour. With roughly three dozen South Korean women in the LPGA, tournaments can often become a battle solely between S. Korean ladies. Carolyn Bivens believed tha… more »

Tiger Woods has this PGA Championship in the bag

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Folks, I'm well aware I've spent the year predicting the collapse of Tiger Woods' amazing career. There are two main reasons for this. First, I am an admittedly horrible prognosticator. And second, I feel confident Tiger never reads my blog. With that… more »

As Tiger Woods goes, so goes Lebron James

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A short while back, Lebron James found himself in a mini-controversy when it was learned that he had asked Nike to disappear a video tape of James being dunked on. While the incident certainly isn't world-shaking by any means, it was a chance to see insi… more »

Tom Watson proves that modern PGA Tour players suck

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There is an eternal debate amongst sports fans when it comes to their favorite sports - which generation is better? It's always an enjoyable debate, but usually one that can never be answered with any true authority. Luckily for us golf fans, that que… more »

A thank you to Tom Watson for keeping Open Tiger Woods free

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I'm sure Tom Watson is still dealing with the harsh feelings of not being able to close the show and become the oldest major champion and becoming only the second man to win six Claret Jugs. He's an athlete and competitor, so of course it hurts. But h… more »

Tom Watson winning the British Open would change everything

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If Tom Watson manages to win the British Open, everything changes. Markets will open, credit will flow like wine and the ever-growing list of pain-in-the-ass despots around will get together and change their ways, sending the world a one-line note: "Hey… more »

The only thing normal about this British Open are John Daly's pants

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As Tom Watson finished his first hole of the third round of the British Open at Turnberry, I was struck by how odd it was that the 59-year hall-of-famer was a co-leader. And then I thought about how strange it was that Tiger Woods stumbled about and m… more »

John Daly - in the pink on and off the golf course

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John Daly made the cut for the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth in Virginia Water, England. But while his play fell off during the final round, his class was in full effect on Sunday, when he wore pink pants to show his support for Amy Mickelson, who is… more »

Wolfrum Alpha - The newest golf blog research tool!

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Long-time followers of this blog are well aware that I, William K. Wolfrum, have a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of all things golf. For years, I have taken this incredible knowledge for granted, but now I have decided to do something about it, by creati… more »

Tiger Woods on Steroids? It 's not a ridiculous question

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For many, the controversy over performance-enhancing drugs has already passed. Much like how a great part of the nation has been rendered immune to torture due to years of knowing about it, many sports fans have reached a point where they just don't care… more »