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Comment from: docpark [Visitor] Email
For a sport where players routinely disqualify themselves and others based on honor and for the good of and in the spirit of the game, I don't think that it is likely we will find juicers. There may be one or two mediocrities holding on with everything they've got, and it may be more prevalent in the smaller sub-mini tours that don't feed into Q-school and the Tour, but not Tiger. It's like asking if the Pope is Jewish.
05/13/09 @ 09:19
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
Woods a juicer? Never! There is no juice in Gatorade Tiger, just added Vitamin E and more electrolytes.

Benefits? Higher mental acuity and better focus, but I'm not becoming Ironman because of it.
05/13/09 @ 12:29
Comment from: Hack [Visitor] Email
It's indicative of the times we're in that we have a jaded view of anyone who is uber successful.

How can you 'not' have even the slightest question of anyone these days? Even the purist of the pure (e.g. Tiger, Phelps...ok umm maybe not) are asked.

Thanks McGwire...Sosa, Barry, A-Roid and a few dozen NFL players over the past 2-3 years.

Thanks...thanks a lot for making all of us cynics.

05/13/09 @ 14:35
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
Does the PGA test for neuroenhancers, like Adderal, Provigil, or Ritalin? Just curious...
05/13/09 @ 16:51
Comment from: Steve [Visitor] Email
This is another stupid article by a dimwit
05/13/09 @ 19:57
Comment from: Ank [Visitor] Email
That don' sounds to me truth . How can Woods take that . I don't expect it from such a big player . Is there any solid proof that he is a juicer ?
06/02/09 @ 12:20
Comment from: Booger [Visitor] Email
It's not a ridiculous question. His "then and
now" body image coupled with golf course behavior that can also be described as "roid rage" make him suspect. The communist Wolfrum is correct - the PGA Tour would never jeopardize its investment in their walking advertisement for hybrid vigor and the wonders of multicultralism reigning triumphant in the game most emblematic of "whitey".
06/03/09 @ 15:37
Comment from: Scott [Visitor] Email
I don't want to believe that Tiger has done steroids it would be a very ugly blow to the game of golf and I would not blame the PGA for keeping it under wraps if he did test positive. However, with his not so subtle body transformation for the weight and frame type he had 5 ears ago coupled with his demeanor on the course ie...most recently Turnberry and throwing and slamming clubs. I can't help but believe he has and may still be doing steroids or HGH.
08/10/09 @ 12:00
Comment from: Adirec Torytski [Visitor] Email
I'm with Michiel, how can anyone think for a minute that any kind of drug use for sports stars is OK in any way. What kind of message are we trying to send?
08/22/09 @ 11:07
Comment from: Big Ben [Visitor] Email
I have no doubt he is a juicer. If you know anything about the stuff and how it changes your body you would know too. Oh let me think...are roids really that damgerous under doctor's care?
The big bucks, superhot babes dropping their panties everywhere you go vs a little risk. Take this and the knowledge of no tests for you unless your clean at the time, and no up and coming competitor can juice and meet you on a even playing field. Big money and stupid laws have ruined sports. We are suckers for believing its just a game and fairness really matters.
09/01/09 @ 15:10
Comment from: Amanda [Visitor] Email
I think they should have a separate golf league for "steroids only" so all the guys who can't play the game fair have a shot at same as well.
10/15/09 @ 14:08
Comment from: Broker [Visitor] Email
Now that we know he is a cheater in his marriage, we know the measure of the man's character.
12/02/09 @ 13:17
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]
Now that we know just how short his common-sense-game, there's no reason to believe that he hasn't been juicing.
12/06/09 @ 21:29
Comment from: Birdieman [Visitor] Email
If you would have asked me last month, I would have said you were crazy. Now, I'm not so sure. If the man can cheat on his family, he can cheat on anything, including golf.
12/07/09 @ 22:50
Comment from: Bushwood [Visitor]
I have thought for 3 years tiger was on roids. Look at his head, he has the classic Steroid look. No person that plays golf can get a body like that without help. Everytime I mention this to one of my golf buddies they just laugh. Tiger has brought a bunch of trash to the game of golf.
12/08/09 @ 11:07
Comment from: Bill Stank [Visitor] Email
Funny how everyone before the incident was laughing with righteous indignation at anyone who merely asked if Tiger was using steroids. But now, it's a different story. So, let this be a lesson, don't break out the kneepads for anyone, and definitely don't be so narrow minded. Look at the pictures of Tiger in the past three - four years and you will see a physical progression in concert with his golfing accomplishments. Remember, he was in a slump a few years back, people were scratching their heads and placing Woods further down their list... the bloom was off the rose, then shortly thereafter, he made an amazing comeback with consistency and ferocity. Look at his arms, and look at the pictures where he is wearing a suit, his chest jets out like an NFL player, his neck got much thicker too. The PGA can't afford a scandal like this and will definitely look the other way.
12/10/09 @ 00:59
Comment from: Tigerhater [Visitor] Email
Tiger disappears for a year for reconstructive knee surgery. One week after he goes on his one year hiatous the PGA announces their drug testing policy. OHHH..... and just in case anyone was wondering...Tiger was tested too while he took his year off. Are you guys kidding me. A guys that shags that many chicks has an ego so big that Steroids are a given, not a a questions mark. I've been saying he is juice for 3 years now
12/10/09 @ 16:27
Comment from: Matthew [Visitor] Email
In 2003, Mark McGuire, a known steriod user, won the skills challenge from PGA pros. Among them were Norman, VJ, etc. So, don't tell me that steriods will not make you a better golfer both physically and mentally. Then, do not tell me that Tiger Woods will not cheat at golf. What do you tell Ernie Els and others that finished second to Tiger Woods in numerous PGA tournaments? Name one PGA player whose body changed as much as Tiger's has in the last 5 or 6 years.

12/11/09 @ 10:05
Comment from: my2cents [Visitor] Email
I have a bit of knoweledge on this subject, Yes he is using. Does it help his game?(with chics it does)prolly not much for golf though. He is a nerdy guy that has some issues with his image and he did something about it;)
12/11/09 @ 16:43
Comment from: matthew [Visitor] Email
Steroids helps in golf not only physically but also mentally when it gives one focus and a attitude that no one who is not using can possibly beat you. Victor Conte ,not sure that is how he spells his name was on 60 minutes and spoke as to what he supplied to Barry Bonds gave him a edge mentally and enhanced his focus. I believe he also wrote a book.Tiger won most of his events with a chemical attitude.
12/11/09 @ 18:54
Comment from: bob c [Visitor] Email
Tiger taking performance enhancing drugs!!! Why, there would be some kind of symptom we would have noticed by now, wouldn't there. Like getting really upset, swearing and aggressively throwing clubs. If his testosterone level were ramped up he might have a real hunger for excessive amounts of sex, like disappearing into a hotel room for a couple of days with a couple of women. Pure crazy talk. I'm not buying a word of it until we see some evidence of this kind of behaviour.
12/15/09 @ 09:33
Comment from: Carpin [Visitor] Email
Hardly ridiculous to think that Woods is a cheater in the world of sports.
12/15/09 @ 18:15
Comment from: Golfer51 [Visitor] Email
Hey He cheated in one arena, why not in another. If he can't be faithful to his wife, why be faithful to the game. I have been saying he has been doing steroids for years... time for the PGA to routinely and randomly test their players. Every other sport does.
12/15/09 @ 18:33
Comment from: john [Visitor] Email
First of all, Tiger Woods frame is small with very little muscle mass. Pictures make him look muscular. He is 6 feet and one inch. Weighs 185 lbs. That is a small frame. No steroids there. I knew women heavier than him at that height and I thought they were petite
12/16/09 @ 07:20
Comment from: RM [Visitor] Email
You all need to first realize what steroids do. They do not make you bigger or stronger automatically. They simple speed the healing and recovery time. If your training is in order you will get stronger, bigger, or both.

With that being said every professional and amateur athlete could be tempted to use it since it speeds recovery. The faster you recover the increased likely hood you will play good the next day.

Golf is a technical sport but it is also a dynamic explosive sport. Strength training is very important in it though few realize how important.

I am not saying Tiger used anabolics. Not sure and dont care. Majority of athletes I am sure at some point in time have used them. There is to much money at stake not to use them.

On a final note there are different types of steroids. Just because an individual does not look like Mr. Olympia that does not mean that they are not using steroids.

Anyways just my 2 cents.
12/16/09 @ 14:17
Comment from: Robert Simon [Visitor] Email
I don't know whether Woods has juiced or hasn't. Just as everyone else here doesn't know. To disregard the notion is not being honest with yourself either. I remember all the disparaging remarks made toward Conseco after he outed various players, but that turned out to be pretty factual didn't it? It's idiotic to name call people that have an opinion that might differ from yourself though.
12/17/09 @ 11:18
Comment from: Bill Stank [Visitor] Email
Why is Tiger so adamant about keeping his disastrous marriage together? I seriously doubt it's because he loves her (his actions spoke otherwise and he's obviously narcissistic) and it's not because he will be out a few million dollars after a divorce. What does Elin know? Does he want her to stay and keep quiet? Will she leverage what she knows into more money at a divorce trial? Perhaps what she knows could cost him more than any prenup payout since confirmation of steroid use would be the end of him across the board.
12/18/09 @ 21:49
Comment from: Bill Stank [Visitor] Email
Oh, and regarding arguments that steroids doesn't help in golf... if Tiger reaches the green in 2 when others reach in 3... do the math morons.
12/18/09 @ 21:52
Comment from: paul pingman [Visitor] Email
if tiger ain't juicin' than he ain't a cheatin'
however, we know tiger is a serial cheater and in a short time went from a walking 1 iron and
half the size of his caddy steve, to where he now appears substantially bigger.
tiger was on top of the world chasing history with a squeaky clean image only to throw it all away. he needs to be tested for steroids and lets see if he loses 30 lbs. of muscle or will
the PGA just bury their head in the sand.
i say we start a grass roots movement to BAN
his carefully contrived, false P.R. may be his
own undoing. it's just a shame.

01/05/10 @ 16:06
Comment from: Sharon [Visitor] Email
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01/15/10 @ 23:16
Comment from: Robert [Visitor] Email
After looking at the before and after pictures of Tiger it is obvious that he gained way too much muscle in a very short time.
The PGA would absolutely have to cover it up......after all Tiger is the probably the greatest golfer ever.
Some of the TW interviews I have seen have him being easily angered by tough questions.
Certainly not a ridiculous question.
02/19/10 @ 16:38
Comment from: vdc [Visitor] Email
Has there ever been a steroid user who openly would admit they are using drugs while performing?
Marion Jones is just one example...
05/12/10 @ 08:55
Comment from: Rick Grace [Visitor] Email
Once again I wonder whether this writer is some kind of psychic?
Because it appears this article was written in 2009, well before the Tiger scandal broke out.
But I myself believed this guy was cheating even before this Doctor Galea was arrested.
Just looking at how huge he suddenly became comes down to more then just lifting weights.
Another sign of steroid use is a quck temper.
Which he also exhibits.
Woods in my opinion is on his last legs in golf.
05/25/10 @ 06:53
Comment from: Jack Palmer [Visitor] Email
In a sport where a single win makes you a millionaire, it's not a stretch to think one might be tempted to juice in the PGA, when you consider the sheer amount of work it takes many of them just to earn their card. Lately, Tiger does look pretty buff for a golfer, compared to his athletically slender build of earlier years. Supposedly, he works out religiously and it definitely gives him an edge. You never saw fat-asses like Craig "The Walrus" Stadler or John Daly playing their best golf week in-week out the way Tiger does. I'm not suggesting Tiger is juicing, and I honestly hope he isn't, but the fact that he's brought the game to a more athletic level than previously known kind of begs the question and it also makes you wonder if other players are juicing just to keep him in their sights.
05/30/10 @ 21:28
Comment from: don [Visitor] Email
For a long time I have (and others I golf wi th) have thought that woods was on steroids or some kind of performance enhancing drugs, and since the transformation of his body shape, two long periods off from golf and one being surgury, there is no way you will ever convince me that tiger is not, was not on drugs of one kind or another and if tested he would have pro ved positive for several drugs and some of them illegal ss far as the pga is concerned. This is why they dont test him.
THE DONT ASK DONT TELL. mentality. If they dont test they cant catch him, so they are happy not knowing.Woods is a cheat, a liar and a thief in that order.
Ban woody for life.
The only solution to the problem
06/11/10 @ 11:45
Comment from: Petegah [Visitor] Email
It's blatantly apparent that no one on this forum has ever lifted weights before. Tiger Woods is 6 ft 1 and 185 pounds, hardly the body type for a steroid user. Check out the Vanity Fair photos. Tiger doesn't look that cut at all. With a trainer and dietician, and I'm sure Tiger had the best of both, it would have been very easy for him to put on 10-15 pounds a year.
08/31/10 @ 12:06

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