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John Daly - in the pink on and off the golf course

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John Daly made the cut for the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth in Virginia Water, England. But while his play fell off during the final round, his class was in full effect on Sunday, when he wore pink pants to show his support for Amy Mickelson, who is… more »

Wolfrum Alpha - The newest golf blog research tool!

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Long-time followers of this blog are well aware that I, William K. Wolfrum, have a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of all things golf. For years, I have taken this incredible knowledge for granted, but now I have decided to do something about it, by creati… more »

Tiger Woods on Steroids? It 's not a ridiculous question

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For many, the controversy over performance-enhancing drugs has already passed. Much like how a great part of the nation has been rendered immune to torture due to years of knowing about it, many sports fans have reached a point where they just don't care… more »

Tiger Woods is done, repeat, done

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There has always been a great problem for sportswriters when it comes to Tiger Woods. The "Tiger Conundrum" as we call it, means that Tiger is to be praised effusively when doing good, and praised effusively when he doesn't do as good. To put it into… more »