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Barack Obama and Tiger Woods all smiles in photo from White House

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Oh to be a fly on the wall when Tiger Woods visited President Barack Obama in the White House on Monday. --WKW more »

Natalie Gulbis fired by Donald Trump - life gets a little less good

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We all knew this day would come. We dreaded it, and paced around praying to every God we could think of, pleading for more time. But it had to come - Natalie Gulbis was fired from Celebrity Apprentice. Yes, on Sunday's episode of Celebrity Apprentice… more »

Twitter users: Phil Mickelson needs your help (update: Fakery warning)

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I'm a pretty new user to Twitter, but luckily I got some helpful hints from resident Twitterologist Brandon Tucker. Now if only Phil Mickelson can get some help. Here are Mickelson's "Tweets" thus far: Hello all! Trying to figure t… more »

On Celebrity Apprentice, Natalie Gulbis becomes the world's most important golfer

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Following Tiger Woods' tragic and humiliating performance at the Masters (finishing 6th? Meh) many golf experts have made it perfectly clear that his days as golf's biggest star are over. Which makes Natalie Gulbis the most important golfer on the planet… more »

Condoleezza Rice at the Masters: The next great republican golf ambassador?

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It was more than two years ago that golf lost one of its great ambassadors, former President Gerald Ford. Golfers of all political persuasions have a soft spot for Ford, who, aside from occasionally sending a golf ball screaming into the crowd, was truly… more »

If Phil Mickelson wins this Masters, you are never allowed to mock him again

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Having watched Phil Mickelson run amok on his first few holes at Augusta and put himself in the running for taking home another Green Jacket, I would just like to make a proclamation: If Mickelson wins, you are never allowed to give him grief for anythin… more »

Natalie Gulbis eye-rolling her way to a Celebrity Apprentice victory?

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Over on Celebrity Apprentice - the greatest TV show in the history and pre-history of TV Shows (don't dispute me!) - LPGA star Natalie Gulbis is still alive and well, battling to win the charity of her choice big bucks. But while Gulbis has effectivel… more »