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Tiger Woods wins, and so does golf blogger

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So Tiger Woods is back in the winner's circle following his successful knee surgery. What does this mean as far as golf history? I'll tell you, it means that noted golf blogger William K. Wolfrum (that would be me) was right. Again. From Feb. 4, in re… more »

62-year-old woman nails ace on first swing of first round ever played

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Like many of you golfers out of there, I've never had a hole in one. A couple close calls, but still no aces for your ol' pal Bill. And while I never let that bother me, after reading a story out of Florida, I now feel like a complete an utter failure:… more »

Myrtle Beach golf - now with fewer hyenas

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We're all aware that Myrtle Beach is the greatest golf destination in the history of the planet. Now that we've established that as an unassailable fact, we can move on. Because somehow, golf in Myrtle Beach has recently gotten even better.Because th… more »

Natalie Gulbis can't get a rise out of a cupcake on Celebrity Apprentice

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For those like myself that have long ago given up on such luxuries as thinking, there is Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice." To say "Celebrity Apprentice" is mindless fun is like saying sleep can be restful. And this season, for golfers that hate t… more »

Tiger Woods' return means no other golfers matter again

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The long national nightmare is now over for sportswriters. No longer will sports journalists need to toil through muck to come up with interesting golf stories. Tiger Woods is golfing again. And all is right with the world. Tiger's return is exciting… more »