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Tiger Woods gets licked by Labradoodle in front of his kids!

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Ok, so now we officially have evidence that Tiger Woods new child, Charlie Axel, exists (see photo here), in this adorable family photo. Plus, Tiger will supposedly be ready to play any day now. So, friends, I announce that it is now time to begin spe… more »

Son of Tiger Woods to play John Deere Classic?

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I read that Tiger Woods' son Charlie Axel Woods has accepted an invitation to play in the John Deere Classic. It must be true, being as I believe everything I read. Even if I wrote it. If true, it really makes a mockery of the game. Charlie Axel would… more »

Charlie Axel Woods makes Tiger's family a foursome

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Tiger and Elin Woods became parents to two, welcoming Charlie Axel Woods to the clan today. As Jason Sobel said at "Let the records show that Woods now trails Jack Nicklaus by four majors and three offspring." Congrats to Elin, Tiger, Sa… more »

Bad Golfer sues for keeping his ball on the eye

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This is a specific warning to all bad golfers out there - golf courses use yardage markers. Should your ball ricochet off one of these markers and, say, blind you, I'd say you aren't entitled to damages. Of course, that's for the courts to decide.… more »

Golf needs a token Michael Phelps

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Let me start this off with a money-back guarantee - right now there is at least one card-carrying member of the PGA Tour that's wacky on the goof balls. I guarantee it. I bring this up due to the Michael Phelps fiasco. Phelps, who won 100,000 gold med… more »