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In Brazil I am a Golfer

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Just thought I'd pass this little tidbit along. I was recently involved in a media story about a couple guys who hoaxed their way on to MSNBC. Because of this, I am now a golfer in Brazil: Click the image to enlarge it. Here's what it says about m… more »

If Scientologists are allowed to take our golf courses, what's next?

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Golden Era Golf Course was a pleasant nine-hole run in Gilman Hot Springs, Calif. It was a nice challenge for golfers looking to get some holes in while enjoying the local area. And then the Scientologists came and took it all away. For the most part,… more »

Bernie Mac left his mark as a golfer - on the back of Samuel Jackson's skull

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On August 8, the comedy world lost a unique talent when comedian and actor Bernie Mac died from complications from pneumonia. Mac was one-of-a-kind, and whether you were a fan or not, it was sad to see him go at the young age of 50. And while Mac left… more »

Curt the Golfer's five aces proves Barack Obama's victory was pre-ordained

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By now, you've likely heard the main reason why John McCain lost the Presidency - Sarah Palin. Yes, it was all the Alaska Governor's fault. She was a diva that was unaware Africa was a continent, didn't know what countries were in NAFTA, was not positive… more »