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A letter to John Daly from a fellow traveler

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Dear John Daly, We've never met but I know you. Like you, I am an alcoholic. So when I saw the story of you being arrested at a Hooters for public intoxication, I thought I'd write to you. Because in a few months, I'll celebrate my sixth year of sobri… more »

Smells like Annika Sorenstam

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Ladies, been wandering around thinking how much life would be better if only you could smell like golf superstar Annika Sorenstam? Well wait no longer: HALL OF FAME GOLFER ANNIKA SORENSTAM PARTNERS WITH SA FRAGRANCES TO LAUNCH SIGNATURE FRAGRANCE WORL… more »

Erik Compton: You gotta have heart

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Erik Compton probably won't earn his PGA Tour card after shooting a 76 at the first round of first-stage PGA Tour Qualifying at Crandon Golf Course in Key Biscayne, Fla., but it won't be for a lack of heart. Born with heart problems, Compton underwent… more »

Seve Ballesteros diagnosed with brain tumor

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It's a very disconcerting day for golf fans, as one of the most important golfers in the last few generations has a huge new challenge ahead. Seve Ballesteros has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. From the Associated Press: MADRID, Spain -- Seve… more »

President Tiger Woods? Gary Player thinks so

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Gary Player is fond of speaking his mind, which makes the world in general pretty fond of Gary Player. Player's latest proclamation? Tiger Woods could have the U.S. Presidency some day if he wanted it: Speaking at the launch of the Gary Player Invitat… more »

This golf blog needs a bailout

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Dear Members of Congress, I write to you not in my own self-interest, but with a clear vision of the larger picture. As you discuss the bailout of the U.S. financial industry, I ask that you take a moment to think about what type of bailout you can of… more »