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Comment from: Wow [Visitor]
What an awful article. Why would anyone have so much hate for any "sport/game/whatever?" You're right though WKW, he did bring up some new ideas. The multiple bird watching mentions really brought the point home
2008-06-24 @ 10:56
Comment from: dgun [Visitor] Email
lol. When I read that, my first inclination was to call him a troll. Then I realized this wasn't some random nut on the internet, like me, but an actual real live 'journalist' *cough* like Bill.

Seriously, the guy talks about this year's US open in his 'piece', but it was obvious to me that he didn't even watch it.
2008-06-24 @ 16:51
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
The idiot who wrote this piece of dung obviously does not play and even if he occasionally does, certainly does not play well. Ask any professional athlete who has seriously played if he/she thinks it is a sport. And you can start with Michael Jordan (NBA), John Elway (NFL) and John Smoltz (MLB).
2008-06-24 @ 21:14
Comment from: blaster [Visitor]
Michael Lewis wrote a great column. Forget about awards, but it's one of the most popular columns going around the web. It sounds like WKW and the visitors on this board are a bunch of golf players who think it really is a sport. Wake up to reality! Golf is a game for the lazy. If you want a real sport try a game of basketball.

2008-06-25 @ 23:01
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
LOL....'blaster' - you must not have read the comment from Shanks that was there when your post was made. An NBA all-time star (I'm sure you have heard of Michael Jordan) says golf is 'one of the most challenging sports in existence'. Ask Barkley or Kobe what they think - you'll get the same answer.

Honestly, the Bloomberg article was more sad than funny...but then, the writer IS a 'respected journalist'....like Wolfie! ROTFL
2008-06-26 @ 14:02
Comment from: dgun [Visitor] Email
> If you want a real sport try a game of basketball.

blaster, I play basketball. I spent the first 30 years of my life in a gym. I love the game. I doubt seriously that 2 of you could check me, either in the back court or on the post.

Golf is far more difficult than basketball.
2008-07-02 @ 01:28

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