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With Tiger Woods injured, someone else will win FedEx Cup

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When Tiger Woods announced he'd be missing the rest of the 2008 PGA Tour season, I was somewhat bummed. Honestly, no one wants to see a top athlete sidelined due to injury. Ask someone older than 60 about Mickey Mantle and they'll tell you. One thing… more »

Breaking News: Bloomberg columnist uses 1,100 words to say 'golf is not a sport'

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In a first-of-its-kind column, Michael Lewis of Bloomberg News wrote a scathing, 1,100-word essay expressing his radical opinion that golf is not a sport. Journalistic experts have been scouring through archives of all known publications, and are rapi… more »

Tiger Woods: Will his body end up being greatest foe?

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Now that Tiger Woods has completed the epic, win-the-U.S.Open-on-a-bum-knee trick and has had to announced that he'll be done for the season, I think now is a moment for reflection. Now is a moment to quote a great man: This is in no way meant to deni… more »

How in the hell are we supposed to write golf blogs without Tiger Woods?

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Ok, how in the hell do you write golf blogs without Tiger Woods? You realize, of course, it's never been tried. We entered the world of golf blogging with a Tiger Woods already in place. We've never had to live in a golf world without him. And now he's g… more »

Charlie Jones would have loved this U.S. Open

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Lost here amongst the morass of U.S. Open news is the passing of legendary sports announcer Charlie Jones. Known best for his work as a football announcer, Jones was a steady voice behind the mic at many golf tournaments, as well. What will be missed… more » scores $500,000 federal grant!(?)

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When I awoke this morning to the news that received a $500,000 federal grant from the Justice Department, I was ecstatic. Finally, I thought, my salary could break minimum wage (Internet writers' minimum wage that is). Sadly, when I rere… more »

Tiger Woods - the most notorious "Terrorist Fist Jabber" of all time?

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It's time someone put Tiger Woods on the Terrorist Watch List. I'm just kidding, with nearly a million names on the U.S.'s Terrorist Watch list, you just know he's already on it. But probably for good reason, at least if you look at how Fox News talke… more »

They're all gone

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Looking back at my career as a sportswriter, I have confidence that I have some ability. And for this era, I can get plenty of exposure. I've reported for the Boston Globe, Anchorage Daily News, Riverside Press-Enterprise and the Dallas Morning-News amon… more »

Take that Tiger! Justin Timberlake, Tony Romo break 100 at Torrey Pines

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A low-handicapper Wouldn't break 100 at Torrey Pines South, said Tiger Woods. Well, Tony Romo and Justin Timberlake proved him wrong, shooting rounds of 84 and 98, respectively at the course that will hist next week's U.S. Open. Dallas Cowboys quarter… more »

Get John McCain golf gear to prove you hate elitest scum like Obama

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So now you know it will be Barack Obama against John McCain in the 2008 Presidential Election. The question for golf fans now is - who understands you, a golfer, better? Well, thus far that appears to be McCain. Just one look at McCain's campaign site… more »