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Comment from: SAL [Visitor] Email
There is so much absolutely wrong about this lame ducks story. None of which surpass the fact he does not get it.

"It's one of regret and remorse that it happened, because I'm certainly sorry to hurt
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Bush to Veto Waterboarding Bill
a migratory bird, or any bird for that matter."

Yes, he's sorry he didn't nail the hawk at 300 yards and be done with it! Then at least privately he could brag to friends his PGA tour skills. Now he has to face the embarrassment of the senseless killing from the girls tee.

And one can only guess, like everything else in this lame ducks life, if you have the means and intent, you can afford to reduce such an unconscionable act (Million to One) to and overpriced back alley carnival act and have the foul stuffed sitting proudly front and center in the trophy room.

"He was just going strangely out of the way to go after it," said Jethro Senger, a sound engineer at the shoot. "And it was almost, the whole thing was basically like a joke to him. The balls were getting closer and closer. 'Haha, look how close that one came.' 'That one was even closer.'

"I yelled at him," Senger said. "I said, 'What did you expect was going to happen?," Senger said. "I said, 'You're a pro golfer, you're hitting line drives right at it.'"

So for those of us that fell off the turnip truck yesterday, this is exactly the image one and all envisions when admirably looking up to the PGA Tour.

Remember the day the Lame Duck hit that birdie from 75 yards, What A Shot! Yeah, you can go see it on YouBoob!

03/08/08 @ 06:37
Comment from: New York City [Visitor] Email
"They’re called laws, people"

The reaction to this incident has very little to do with the law, and much to do with real life, which most of you hippies don't really know anything about. When I grew up, I often stole in order to eat. I lived on a couch in the office of a pizza joint where I worked at age 12. Until I went to college at age 28, I was never unarmed unless I was going to court. That is a felony in NY, by the way. So, I'm not so hung up on legal v illegal.

Again, it's a bird. Save the tears and histrionic displays for things that matter. I have been fighting the poverty and violence that I grew up with for the past 20 years. When I finally went to college in my late 20's, I used to hear the same ignorance that one can hear repeated right here. The moose, the seal, workers rights from children who never met a worker or held a full-time job. Oh, they hated "the Man", alright. Unfortunately, he was paying their tuition and the rent and for the car! Pabulum spouted by fools who imagine that if their words conform to the "proper" sentiment, that they are making a good argument, rather than a "stupid" one.

Once again, grow up, get a job, give back daddy's credit card, and get over the dead hawk.

03/08/08 @ 12:22
Comment from: hgh [Visitor] Email
Let Isenhour know how you feel about his cowardly sadistic act. His agent's e-mail is:
03/08/08 @ 16:25
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
It's just a hawk.
It's just a dog.
It's just a hobo.
It's just a baby from Darfur.
It's just a punk-ass 12-year old street kid from New York who'll never go to college anyway.

NYC: Do you see how one might worry about how callous
disregard for life might, just might, harden into something truly dangerous?

In other words, I agree with you that there are worse things he could have done. But unlike you, I am concerned about the philosophy that action may belie.
03/08/08 @ 20:34
Comment from: Michael Johnson [Visitor] Email
Lee Janzen and Mark Calccaveccia's comments about Isenhour's actions don't make any sense. It's just a little thing, right? Will they feel like that when hundreds of "bleeding heart animal lovers" decend upon PGA tournaments, all screaming for animal justice? Will they feel like that when your PGA purses go down to chicken feed, because people just don't care to watch elitist snobs play golf any more? At least the NFL understood the dynamics of the cruelty issue, when they forced Michael Vick out of the league. Apparently, the PGA and pro golfers do not. "Do not ask for whom the bell tolls..., it tolls for thee."
03/09/08 @ 07:19
Comment from: New York City [Visitor] Email
Look, Kiel, the simple fact is that a pig does not equal a boy. I know the animal wierdos like to think it so, but it is simply untrue. They are trying to fill up lives that are devoid of meaning, and have tried to find it in the chimp, rather than the child. My math works a little differently, a hobo, the child in Darfur, a CEO, an unborn child, and the inmate on death row are of equal value. A value greater than all the dolphins, rhesus monkeys, hawks, and seals in the world.

Human beings have engaged in "varminting" since we first made tools. Either to protect crops, livestock, to reduce a nuiscance, or for simple fun, humans have always done this. Once again,
I'll point out that this Isenhour did not cage and torture this animal. Killing animals is not a warning sign of sociopathy, torturing them is in some instances. It has been pointed out by numerous historians and biographers that Adolph Hitler was extraordinarily kind to animals, and was a principled vegetarian. We all know what else he was. I have known gangsters that would take a human life without regard, but cared for their dogs like they were their own children.

Those of you who are seeking "animal justice", please seek something else. You are raging at the shadows. Serve a tour of duty as a combat medic, volunteer in a malaria clinic in Malawi. Stop the devaluation of human life that occurs in the abortion clinic and the execution chamber. Visit a pedatric cancer ward. You'll still love animals, but you will gain some perspective.
03/10/08 @ 11:29
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
1) Wolfie, this post admirably displays your "left of leftist" bias. Thanks.

2) Kiel, jump right on the lefty bandwagon. Goodness, your "escalation" sounds just like what I used to hear about drugs - "if you smoke a little weed, the next stop is heroin addiction and laying in an alley". *sigh* That wasn't true either.
03/10/08 @ 13:02
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Oh, one last thing Kiel. Stopped by your blog page today. I counted SIX posts since February 1, and a total of SEVEN comments between them. Not sure exactly what that MEANS...but it IS an interesting "fact". ;)
03/10/08 @ 13:57

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