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Tavistock Cup delayed nearly three hours - Federal Reserve vows to give back rich attendees the time they lost

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The Tavistock Cup, an exclusive tournament that you shouldn't even know or think about, played at a destination you'll never see by golfers you'll never actually meet and watched by elite humans who wouldn't spit on you if you were aflame, was delayed ne… more »

Golf to be Democratized - will thousands of golfers be killed or forced from the game?

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When I saw the headline from Geoff Shackelford - "We feel we are democratising golf" - my blood ran cold. Because as we've all learned, you can't democratize anything without leaving hundreds of thousands of corpses. Then questions starting slamming i… more »

Tiger Woods Update: Use of the phrase "Tiger Lurking" now banned

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While I hope everyone's having a Happy Easter (or, for the non-Christians a "Happy Sunday"), I just thought I'd pop in with a quick Tiger Woods update. And no, this doesn't have much to do with what Tiger's up to at the WGC-CA Championship at Doral,… more »

Stop calling John Daly fat. Just stop it

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A few of my relatives on the Italian side of my family used to half-joke, half-gripe that Italians were the last group of people in the U.S. who it was still ok to bash for their ethnicity. They were and are still given gangster associations, called wops… more »

Oh My God! steals sacrilegious story idea from!

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When my colleague and brother-from-another-mother Brandon Tucker wrote me recently about's Senior Editor Michael Walker Jr. blatantly stealing my "God comes back to Earth to play golf against Tiger Woods" idea that I had used so effectively near… more »

Gatorade Tiger: Instead of wasting scientists' time analyzing Tiger Woods' sweat, why not just sell his bodily fluids?

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As a golf blogger of some note, I spend a good deal of my time thinking about Tiger Woods' hydration. Is he hydrating enough? Is he rehydrating properly? Are there enough scientists working around the clock to insure that his hydration levels are at peak… more »

If Tiger Woods loses at Tavistock Cup, will Federal Reserve bail him out?

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Tiger Woods won his fifth consecutive PGA Tour event on Sunday, sinking a dramatic putt on the final hole to take home the title at the Arnold Palmer Invitational and keeping alive the possibility of an undefeated 2008. Immediately after the event, howev… more »

Tiger Woods: One more round and I'm still looking like a prophet

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Tiger Woods needed to birdie three of Bay Hill's toughest holes to finish a third-round 66 and put him in a five-way tie for the lead at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. And he put himself one round away from making me look like the prophet I've always se… more »

Pennsylvania loses a golfer

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Army 1st Lt. Nathan Raudenbush, 26, of Royersford, Pennsylvania, was killed this week in southern Baghdad, according to the Associated Press. Family members say the son of a Berks County couple has been killed in Iraq. Relatives say Army 1st Lt. Natha… more »

With 'John Daly RIP' post, Robert Thompson proves to be a Classless Canuck; and why does USGA even bother having a blog?

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For a while there, some of us around these parts had some giggles poking fun at Robert Thompson, a golf writer in Canada. It was just a little harmless fun, and we'd get a kick out of it because Thompson would get all upset and call us hacks and feel lik… more »

There's a one-in-a-million shot Tim Finchem will mention Tripp Isenhour in his PGA Tour Blog, and other notes

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It has now been 47 days since Tim Finchem's last blog post for the PGA Tour. In his first blog it was noted that: “PGA TOUR Commissioner Tim Finchem begins a monthly blog for with this edition. The commissioner wants you to send him your… more »

Tripp Isenhour joins the Michael Vick Society

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Stress gets to us all. Personally, I have a problem with grinding my teeth in my sleep. I also have on occasion hurled a game controller when Ben Roethlisberger throws an interception during an intense game of John Madden NFL 07. It's embarrassing, sure,… more »

Tired of hearing about Lorena Ochoa? Read the L.A. Times

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I sometimes like to peruse reader comments left on various stories and blogs here at It gives me a great opportunity to mock and humiliate the reader for hours on end, thus insuring the reader will never visit our sites again and develop a… more »