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Comment from: Rob [Visitor] Email
They need to just let it go. Did they really think they could just throw ally-oops to Moss and win the Super Bowl? The Giants showed that Brady is pretty good but not great when he has as much time as Roethlisberger to throw. I mean 10 seconds to wait for Moss to run down field is like back yard football (10 Mississippi). The Pats are good but not a great one. The great ones, even though they may lose focus during the season always find a way to win the big ones. They need to quit trying to play Al Gore.
02/11/08 @ 16:29
Comment from: Bill from Buffalo [Visitor] Email
OMG, what a bunch of crybabies. Next thing you know they'll NE fans will start another petition to outlaw the "4-man bull rush" that the Giants used so effectively against the hapless NE O-line. Time to let it go.. .
02/12/08 @ 00:38
Comment from: Mike H. [Visitor] Email
Since you brought it up, that Steelers-Seahawks Super Bowl was fixed. But then anyone who watched the game obviously knew that.
02/12/08 @ 13:33
Comment from: Rob [Visitor] Email
Steeler Super Bowl fixed? hmmmm We got martians in one of our hangars in Dayton, Ohio. Please...join the list of whiners.
02/13/08 @ 10:30
Comment from: dgun [Visitor] Email
I think everyone will agree that the Patriots got exactly what they deserved, a big fat 'L'. And it was an 'L' that brought me much joy, although I don't care for the Giants and frankly have not been the least bit interested in the NFL for about the last decade or so.

So why did it make me so happy? Other than the fact I'm generally a naysaying kind of contrary prickish individual, I really hated all the hype surrounding their perfect season bid. I also hate the stinking superbowl which is no longer super and barley a bowl considering all the extraneous garbage that goes along with it.

Take a perfect, well cooked steak and ruin it by dumping a whole bottle of steak sauce on it and that sums up the superbowl experience for me.

A halftime show should be a marching band and John Madden saying a bunch of crap that barley makes sense. Sure I love Tom Petty. Who doesn't? But that's not football. That's not even Canadian football.

Anyway, howdy Bill. I much prefer to rant about important stuff like American Idol, Britney Spears, and Hillary Clinton's wardrobe, but have been hindered as of late by a trifling error message.
02/14/08 @ 00:52

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