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Tiger Woods did not open any doors for Barack Obama, no matter how much golf writers wish he did

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I try and be a realist about things. Especially in my role as a golf blogger. In fact, I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I'll make otherworldly stretches to connect the subject of golf to the point I try and make in a golf blog post. Occasionall… more »

Chris Baldwin may be a conservative crackpot, but he knew my "Tiger Woods undefeated in 2008" prediction was pure gold

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There's a lot to dislike about Chris Baldwin. From that smug, goofy look on his photo. To his complete and utter inability to take a photo of a golf course. To his references of timely, modern-day heroes like Kreskin. To the fact that he plays golf dozen… more »

Kelly Tilghman and Bill O'Reilly "lynch" comments show difference between the golf world and the Fox News world

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When The Golf Channel's Kelly Tilghman fumbled an attempt at humor on the air by joking that younger players on the PGA Tour should lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley in order to better their chances to win, the backlash came quickly. Tilghman was suspend… more »

New England Patriots fans petition to have Super Bowl, Wolfrum Whammy reversed

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One of the great things about golf is that it's usually hard to blame a result on officiating. Sure, there are some who have complained about Tiger Woods purporting to have bent rules in regards to his lies on the odd occasion, but normally in those case… more »

Alex Jones - 9/11 truther, radio host, controversial conspiracy theorist ... and golf course reviewer?

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Whether or not you believe in Conspiracy theories such as the 9/11 Truthers movement, you probably have heard of Alex Jones. Jones is prolific in the world of conspiracy theories, and his and Web sites are ground zero con… more »

Dear New England Patriots fans: hope you enjoyed your Whammy

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Personally, I wish it had never come to this. I was just a down-on-his-luck golf writer, going about his business, trying to cash in with a humorous little ditty about how I found the New England Patriots much more annoying than Tiger Woods. And then… more »

Tiger Woods scores win in Dubai - just a matter of time until Super Bowl is played there

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While the people of Arizona are in an uproar of Super Bowl goodness, waiting to see if the New England Patriots can finish the NFL season as undefeated champions or whether the New Your Giants can pull off a great upset, Tiger Woods is coming home after… more »

Golf Instructor alert! Save reader who needs grip tips

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Here's an open call to the golf instructor team - Reader Bill needs help with his grip. Desperately: "I obsess about the grip. It seems that I don't mold my left hand properly to the grip. I'm 5'7" and maybe my clubs are too tall for me.… more »

Blind, 92-year-old golfer scores hole in one - why can't you?

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So you've been playing golf for a while and have never come close to scoring a hole in one? Well, don't give up hope. It took Leo Fiyalko 60 years to get his first - and he did it while legally blind. At the age of 92. "Legally blind golfer scores hol… more »