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Comment from: BJ [Visitor] Email
I agree with where her career is headed; but I don't think she's long for TGC as an announcer. Her commentary is so inane that I usually watch with the sound off - can't stand to see/hear her clumsy fauning over Nick. I wouldn't have guessed she played golf at Duke, or anywhere, from the nature of her comments and golf vocabulary (or lack thereof).
01/08/08 @ 14:43
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
KT was even on the ladies' tour in Australia and/or
Asia for a time, I believe.

But that's not nearly as important as where I can find Shannon Tweed's soft core work!
01/08/08 @ 16:02
Comment from: huh? [Visitor] Email
I dont even understand why she'd use that particular anology. I get that she doesnt mean it literally, but it is such a very odd choice of words.

It doesnt even seem to be making any wayves because this is the first Im hearing of it. (havnt watched TGC more than a few minutes this wknd).
01/08/08 @ 18:03
Comment from: Josh [Visitor] Email
Kelly's choice of words was a bit of a 'spaz' moment, I think Tiger will understand and let it go.

I reckon we should replace Nick Faldo with presenter Jonathan Ross, his dress sense makes Ian Poulter look like a Republican, and as for language, he'd make John Daly seem pure as driven snow.

01/09/08 @ 04:30
Comment from: Oui Oui Oui [Visitor] Email
We all know Tiger holds grudges longer than anyone else in golf.

Tilghman is toast. No more sappy one-on-one interview for her with Tiger.
01/09/08 @ 06:31
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
The clip was on CNN Headline News this morning. She
said it in response to something Faldo said, rather
than in the middle of astream of her own comment.
Seems like she could have had time to edit herself
before she opened her mouth. Unfortunate.... I bet
Tiger does hold it against her for a while, but won't
admit to doing so.
01/09/08 @ 07:02
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
Oh, stop it. How politically correct can people get? She was obviously making note of his mastery through the use of humor.

And if Woods had any class, that's exactly what he would say.
01/09/08 @ 07:35
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
I heard the comment live and firgured there would be a little buzz about it. While it was an unfortunate choice in words, given todays PC climate, in context it was actually a compliment to Tiger. Basically she was saying that nobody can catch him without resorting to illegal means.

I don't really care for her announcing but she shouldn't be hammered for this incident. She should be hammered for being a weak tournament announcer. Move her back into the studio with those other guys like Marr & Hammonds. How about trying Frank Nobilo, Mark Rolfing or Dottie Pepper with Faldo instead?

01/09/08 @ 08:31
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
I forgot Peter Oosterhuis. He would do well too. Perhaps old Ben Wright could make a comeback. Or best of all, how about getting the ex-ABCer Peter Alliss? He has been one of my favorites for years.
01/09/08 @ 09:21
Comment from: Wendy (UK) [Visitor]
I took it in the context of an answer a fellow professional golfer gave when asked "How does one go about beating Tiger Woods?" Answer - "With a baseball bat". He got a laugh as it was clearly meant as a compliment, but assume the media will now "lynch" KT. Swap her for Dottie by all means - but only for her fawning over Faldo, not for this gaffe.
01/09/08 @ 09:26
Comment from: Wayne Smith [Visitor] Email
I'm a African American male and the comments made by Kelly Tilghman were hurtful and despicable. The Golf channel to me as displayed integrity and class in it's programming and to have a bigot like Mrs. Tilghman broadcast words of hate is totally unappreciated. I urge you to have her removed from your lineup immediately, if not the Golf channel will simple be perpetuating hatred and inequality.
01/09/08 @ 12:56
Comment from: Cambrm [Visitor] Email
I'm a retired African-American male and I watch the Golf Channel every day. I'm a big Tiger Woods fan and I'm also a fan of Kelly Tilghman. I took no offense from her remark because I understand she was trying to be funny and to compliment Tiger at the same time. I'm satisfied that KT and TGC both apologized for the errant remark, and I'm sure Tiger understood what happened and wasn't offended. Fuzzy Zeller's insulting remarks about Tiger after Tiger won the 1997 Masters should have been unforgivable, although Tiger said he would forgive Fuzzy, but he wouldn't forget the remark. Also, Kelly is doing an excellent job with Faldo (who should be replaced by Paul Azinger who is funny and understandable).
01/09/08 @ 14:08
Comment from: cambrm [Visitor] Email
What's William Wolfrum's problem? What possessed him to speculate that Kelly Tilghman would engage in soft-core porn? Was WW trying to be funny or does he associate porn with all attractive and talented women in media?
01/09/08 @ 14:15
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

Grow up. If you think that Tilghman was being bigoted, it's only because you're blinded by your own prejudice.

Oh, by the way, there was nothing wrong with what Zoeller said either. And Woods is a hypocrite. Around the time Zoeller made those remarks, Woods ridiculed homosexuals in a politically incorrect way while talking to a cab driver. So it really is the pot calling the kettle black.
01/09/08 @ 14:56
Comment from: Craig Warren [Visitor] Email
Kelly is a MAJOR home run for The Golf Channel, a GRANG SLAM! I truly hope this story dies here and now. If Kelly is guilty of anything, it's simply not thinking before she speaks and it's a shame we have to be so careful about what we say. If she were talking about say, Phil Mickelson (as in a white man), we all know this story would have had no legs. Come on America! Let the lady talk, we could be stuck looking at somebody else and that would be terrible.

Craig Warren
Columbia, CT
01/09/08 @ 15:34
Comment from: Wayne Smith [Visitor] Email
Obviously both Craig Warren and Judge Smails have never been on the other end of the spectrum before. The word lynching unearths some deep rooted feelings held by blacks who had to live in fear of violence, simply because of their color. So to hear these words directed towards a guy of color, is very hard to hear. Why not say beaten or defeated? Kelly seems to be fairly intelligent person, and she knew exactly what she was saying and that it would have caused controversy. So please, before you simple shrug this off to being a slip of the tongue, try seeing things from the other side.
01/09/08 @ 16:18
Comment from: CB [Visitor] Email
The commentary was so dull during the first tournament week, perhaps Kelly was going for ratings. Sure, "let's lynch Tiger" is the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about how the young players might "catch" him. Kinda reminds me of the San Francisco Zoo incident, now there is a Tiger! The trouble with this controversy not having any legs is much like the tree in the forest thing, if nobody hears it, did it make a sound? I am sure Tiger "forgave" her and then called his agent to see what might be done to kick her to the curb. As for William, I think a better metaphor that soft porn, might be something like, she should go out with a "bang."
01/09/08 @ 17:03
Comment from: T. Windahl [Visitor]
Kelly Tilghman is an embarrassment to to the Golf Channel. Neither Tilghman nor her side-kick have enough class or charm for me to turn the volume on while watching. Perhaps she is also friends with the Brewster family,the six white West Virginian inbreeds who threaten to kill the black woman they abducted if she tried to escape. The Brewsters kept her in their shed in back, for a week while the family of three men and three women repeatedly stabbed, beat and raped her. Maybe if they said they'd lynch her in the shed, perhaps she would have thought they were just Tilghman-joking her and they'd let her go.
01/09/08 @ 18:16
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

Listen, pal, I'll tell you what side I've been on. I didn't grow up in some nice, lily-white neighborhood; I grew up in a big city and have seen anti-white bigotry and discrimination up close. That doesn't mean I'm hung-up about it, however, the way you are.

So, guess what? Not everyone cares about your "feelings" and is compelled to bend over backwards because of them. You can stick 'em where the sun don't shine, capiche?
01/09/08 @ 19:04
Comment from: huh? [Visitor] Email
I cannot believe some of you see this as an opportunity to flay WODDS if he actually took offense.

Whether or not she's racist or just dumb, thats a comment you really do have to look twice at someone for. Just because you wonder, HOW does her brain go there? Because thats not a phrase most of us would use in everyday converstaion.

Its funny a white anchor can make that comment & the blame somehow falls on the Black (whoops! "Comblinasian") athlete she was referring to. i.e. Don Imus' comments was blamed on both hip hop & the oversensitivity of the Black community. While thats a very necessary converstation, it doesnt eradicate the original statement.
Same in Tilghman's case-if Woods had decided thats an anchor he didnt want to speak to.

Judge Smails: NO ONE is saying she was being literal or wasnt complinenting Woods. But I am saying it was so stupid & insensitive; she showed us a lot about her qualification.

Craig-of course if she said it about Phil Mickelson it wouldnt have the EXACT connotation. Last time I checked, Phil probably wouldnt have gotten lynched for speaking to a white woman back in the days that was done. But even if she DID say PM should be lynched, her choice of words would STILL be stupid, puzzling & insensitive.
01/09/08 @ 19:56
Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Visitor] Email

Are you as entertaining at the dinner table or is this some internet, alias-only act?

Man it'd be great to have a beer with you someday.

01/09/08 @ 23:01
Comment from: Oliver Sudden [Visitor] Email
Kelly has been suspended for 2 weeks by the Golf Channel.
01/09/08 @ 23:55
Comment from: thedong [Visitor] Email
Tiger forgives her and that is good enough for me. Have you guys ever read the tiger interview on GQ magazine many years ago. Talking about politically incorrect!
01/10/08 @ 00:13
Comment from: Jack [Visitor] Email
Hey there Judge ...... So that's why you're called "smalls" !!!!!!!!!

Just kidding Judge ---You do amaze me however, Is there no end to your
asinine remarks ? That I'm not kidding about !!!!!
01/10/08 @ 01:40
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
This would be the only morning I might listen to Imus. Whatever he decides to say on this subject will be interesting, given what he has endured recently. One thing you can bet on is whatever he says will be well thought out.
01/10/08 @ 08:48
Comment from: Bob [Visitor] Email
Golf announcers are non-factors. I mute and watch golf on TV.
01/10/08 @ 09:13
Comment from: Oui Oui Oui [Visitor] Email
Ms. Tilghman should offer to baby sit from now on whenever Tiger and Elin wish.

Of course, the nanny-cam will have to be on at all times.
01/10/08 @ 11:26
Comment from: Vote [Visitor] Email
Ms. Tilghman "slip of the tongue" is racism based. Her intent may not have been consciously racist but it sure did turn out that way.

Suspension: Good.
Tiger Forgives her: Career saving for her.

BTW, I am not black or white.

01/10/08 @ 14:35
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
B. Tucker said:


Man it'd be great to have a beer with you someday."


The pleasure would be all yours.
01/10/08 @ 17:16
Comment from: Vote [Visitor]
Judge Smells

You're a perfect example why brothers and sisters should not have kids. Did you finish High School Dude???!!!

Fuzzy??? God you're dumb!

01/10/08 @ 21:42
Comment from: Mrs. Texas [Visitor] Email
She didn't just say 'lynch him' that would have
been a slip of the tongue. But she said young golf
players should "lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley"
that took some mean thought and racial hatred to
say - especially on tv!!

Racism lives - we don't want to see it, feel it or
admit it. But it is engraved in some people's
hearts...like Kelly's
01/11/08 @ 09:50
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
Hey, Idiots,

Keep on allowing your country to be invaded by Third Worlders and you'll find out what real bigotry is real soon.

Have you read those news pieces about Hispanics in Ca. engaging in racial cleansing against blacks?
01/11/08 @ 13:09
Comment from: Sid [Visitor] Email
Tiger said this is no big deal...case

Al Sharpton [an FBI informer with overly-
processed hair] should be ignored
01/11/08 @ 15:07
Comment from: Peter Goolpacy [Visitor] Email

Need the perfect apology? We can help -- we've helped many in the past work through similar crises... http://www.perfectapology.com

01/12/08 @ 12:57
Comment from: Mack Daddy Caddy [Visitor] Email
Decisive Action must be taken.
01/13/08 @ 01:51
Comment from: madman mike [Visitor]
Thank you Kelly for showin your true colors. A deplorable comment from a deplorable brawd. Your azz should be fired permanently and go to work for Don Imus. I wish you would go to ghetto in America and say that dumb shtt and see what you get. I am so damn mad I would like to pound your gd head in with my driver. That apology was total bs. You suck and your a complete racist.
01/13/08 @ 14:47
Comment from: Preston Jones III [Visitor] Email
I really don't think Kelly should be allowed to return to The Golf Channel to commentate... Her choice of words were just not call for... Mistake, slip of the tongue or not... As we(viewers) look at TV commentators... We expect them to be well educated and GREAT english communicators... THey get PAID well and sometime too much money to make statements like 'LYNCH' and to say that about the NUMBER ONE golfer in the WORLD right now... Come ON!

Don't Hate, Appreciate and Congratulate!

If she returns to TV, I am turning the channel!
01/14/08 @ 00:20
Comment from: Preston Jones III [Visitor] Email
I really don't think Kelly should be allowed to return to The Golf Channel to commentate... Her choice of words were just not call for... Mistake, slip of the tongue or not... As we(viewers) look at TV commentators... We expect them to be well educated and GREAT english communicators... THey get PAID well and sometime too much money to make statements like 'LYNCH' and to say that about the NUMBER ONE golfer in the WORLD right now... Come ON!

Don't Hate, Appreciate and Congratulate!

If she returns to TV, I am turning the channel!
01/14/08 @ 00:21
Oh for goodness sake. Why should Tiger say and do anything else. He has spoke about the matter .Kelly is a grown ass woman she spoke what she is and what she has hid all this time. If she is so much why in the hell would the first ting out of her f------ mouth was lynch?????????? I don't give a rats ass what school she went to she did not learn very much. I look for her to have sex any minute with nick she is sickening. The GC seem to think that the only color is white when it comes to announcers if they hired ladies with some experiences regardless of their color PERHAPS
they would have some people with some sense.
JUST A THOUGHT///////////
01/14/08 @ 12:48
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Eva Brooks,

That was a brilliant, well thought out post.
That part that I could decipher, that is.

I especially appreciate your appraisal that "you don't give a rat's ass what school she went to, Kelly didn't learn very much."

And your take that "Kelly is a grown ass woman" is another gem.

Just for my own edification, Our Miss Brooks, what is your level of education?

From your atrocious spelling, lack of punctuation, and non-existent sentence structure, I'd say that you didn't attend school very long or very often. Fifth grade tops.

Alex USMC 1969-73
01/14/08 @ 18:19
Comment from: Wendy (UK) [Visitor]
I don't believe knowing Miss Brooks level of education will edify you at all, Alex. Anyway, it adds to my understanding of American slang, which could come in handy some time.
01/17/08 @ 06:03
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

Nice to hear from you.

Never confuse American slang with the language used by Our Miss Brooks.

American slang has a lot of picturesque exaggeration and also some understatement.

Brooksie's diatribe contains neither. Her gutter trash talk is similar to what one might hear at a ghetto crack house.

Alex USMC 1969-73
01/17/08 @ 09:22
Comment from: Wendy (UK) [Visitor]
Well to be even-handed, maybe you should have said something to madman mike as well (just to prove that you don't just pick on females) although his sentence construction was superior. Perhaps the current education system encourages people to write in the same way as they speak - at least, it does in UK nowadays.

You must really stop visiting ghetto crack houses - I mean this for your own good, you know. (Oh, you said "might" hear, not "does" hear - sorry).
01/17/08 @ 13:50
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

Is that situation prevalent in the entire United Kingdom?

How would a "Brummie" write as he or she speaks?

It doesn't seem possible?

As far as the last sentence of your post is concerned, do they still teach the conditional mode in the UK?
01/17/08 @ 14:36
Comment from: Wendy (UK) [Visitor]
Alex, I thought I had acknowledged the conditional as I knew you would point it out to me if I had not. The subjunctive is dying out, however. Have you read/heard of "Eats, Shoots & Leaves"?

The education system here goes through phases - sometimes pupils are encouraged to spell words as they are pronounced just to get them on the road, so to speak. Sometimes, even in universities, being able to express an idea is considered more important than grammar or spelling. Some of the job application forms I have reviewed have to be seen to be believed.

Can't do dialects for you, apart from a bit of well-known Geordie, but if it's just a regional accent, then words would be spelt the same way across the country, irrespective of how they were pronounced. I was just expressing a personal opinion that it now seems to be widely acceptable to write as one speaks.
01/18/08 @ 10:27
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

I caught my premature correction just as I had posted it. Sorry.

In the US we have had similar radical attempts to change tried and true methods of teaching. All have been abject failures. But the revisionists are adamant. Their mantra is "change for change's sake."
01/18/08 @ 11:25
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
Yes, I despise -- and I mean DESPISE -- those social engineers. One manifestation of what you're discussing is called "creative spelling." I'd like to give these "educators" a creative kick in the posterior and a very commonplace but expeditious deportation.
01/18/08 @ 12:37
Comment from: Wendy (UK) [Visitor]
Judge - you always sound as angry as the other scary posters, albeit with a wonderful vocabulary. It's not good for your blood pressure. (I do like to show concern for you, too). I am entranced by American accents and have fun trying to guess what the posters sound like in person.

My two somewhat petty favourites (spelling as spoken) are "your" for "you're" and "I could of" for "I could have" (just as prevalent in UK). I have no idea why these leap off the page to me and I have to force myself to concentrate on the point being made.

PS I nearly stuck up for you the other day. I can understand Maxwell deleting what were no doubt your injudicious comments, but threatening to block your posts because you called him an idiot! Or was that a little joke?
I was going to say "What a prig" but I dread to think what that might mean in American slang, so I won't.
01/18/08 @ 13:56
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Judge Smails,

How true. One need look no further than the posters on thes blogs to realize the extent of damage that has been done by these "progressive educators."

Also notice that the perpetrators of felonious assault on the English language are, for the most part, unaware of their semi-literacy.


This exchange about various dialects reminds me of a bit of litigation in which I was involved about ten years ago.

One part of the testimony was to be given by the elderly father of a British-born lady who had become an American citizen. This gentleman had live the great majority of his life in the city of Gateshead in Northeastern England.

I had been in written contact with this person, and his writing was nearly perfect.

Conversing with him by telephone was impossible for me. When it came to his testimony in court, his daughter had to be pressed into duty as an interpreter.

His local argot, numerous colloquialisms, and his exotic accent proved to be unintelligible to Yankee ears.

But he was as personable,intelligent and decent as any man I have ever met.
01/18/08 @ 15:11
Comment from: Wendy (UK) [Visitor]
Alex - that was EXACTLY the kind of person I had in mind. Closer to home, and on a lesser scale, my much loved and well-read brother-in-law, who lives in the same village as his forefathers (1730+) uses expressions such as "baint" for "is not", "it weren't", and his greatest compliment after a good meal is "that was bl---dy 'andsome", but his written English is indeed perfect. His children don't use these expressions, but their written English is atrocious - they assure me that it has not the slightest importance in life, particularly as we shall all be texting each other in future. They also point out that my attempts at texting are "sad". I might have to change my Will.
01/19/08 @ 06:57
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

Maxwell had reason to be perturbed, I must confess. In my hasty characterization of him, I wasn't mindful of clinical definitions and thus denied him his just due.

An idiot is an individual whose I.Q. is in the lowest range that can possibly be measured, a moron has the mentality of an 8 to 12-year-old child, and an imbecile lies between those two points. Since Maxwell is an imbecile -- and not an idiot as I had so clumsily said -- my diagnosis of his condition was injudicious and imprecise. He did not deserve such a demotion.

I apologize profusely to Mr. Maxwell and resolve to not exercise my tongue in such a flippant fashion in the future. He is indeed an imbecile and should be recognized as such by all and sundry.
01/19/08 @ 15:57
Comment from: Wendy (UK) [Visitor]
Judge, Judge - you are incorrigible. I was trying to wind you DOWN not UP. Still I suppose it was "on topic" - the use of language - and civil by your own standards. However, I am not sure Mr. Maxwell shares your sense of humour - or has any to be more accurate.

Now - I'm sure you have been following the LPGA Tour World Cup with bated breath. Did you hear what the announcer said? Blimey. There was an on-air apology within 30 seconds. I assume it was a colloquialism in SA but I wouldn't know for sure.
01/20/08 @ 05:39
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

All right, you've piqued my interest.

What was it that the announcer said?

And why did it require an on-air apology?

Alex USMC 1969-73
01/20/08 @ 08:04
Comment from: Wendy (UK) [Visitor]
Obviously I am disappointed that you were not following the LPGA, Alex - but the moment was so deliciously funny that I have to share it anyway.

SHE said with PERFECT enunciation "It's absolutely PI****SING down with rain". It was. I could sense a sharp intake of breath on the part of her two colleagues, but unfortunately they were not on screen. I would have given anything to see their faces. Then all 3 went on rapidly talking. 30 seconds later, another voice came on and made the usual "if anybody was offended" apology. I don't deny that I am familiar with the phrase, but tut tut - not before the watershed. Sorry it's not more shocking though.
01/20/08 @ 10:12
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

That's all? I was hoping for something a little more risque.

As far as watching the LPGA, I have more pressing needs.

For example, I can watch the grass grow in the summer, observe paint drying in the winter, or listen to my last meal being digested. All more exciting than the LPGA.

During last year's British Women's Open, I spared myself the boredom of watching, and instead I read the preface and epilogue of Constance Garnett's translation of the Brothers Karamazov.

01/20/08 @ 12:55
Comment from: Wendy (UK) [Visitor]
Well, in my defense I had hoped to divert Judge Smails by my reference to the LPGA. I admit I was doing The Times crossword at the same time, whilst "watching". I am most offended by the mention of your stomach growls as opposed to your more usual growls.

How about the question asked by a European PGA Tour player at their recent Players Council as to why the US PGA has 3 erectile dysfunction drugs banned on their list whilst the European Tour has only 1. What's that all about, then? Or as RonMon would say - "Just wondering".
01/20/08 @ 14:38
Comment from: Wendy (UK) [Visitor]
PS - Try Fyodor Dostoevsky's "The Idiot" for next year's British Women's Open. "Go Lorena" -
hey - I can speak American!
01/20/08 @ 14:56

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