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Comment from: ciontay [Visitor] Email
I'm just glad Floyd shut all those loud Brits up. Like Floyd said everybode has a lot to say until they are in there with the truth. Calzaghe is next for running his mouth to Bernard.U.S boxing will always be nuber one.
12/09/07 @ 02:18
Comment from: Josh [Visitor] Email
Turning sideways and putting your elbow in the guys face is a good defence as his right hand can only hit you in the kidneys or back of head - oh that's good for a point.

Hatton should have leant on that shoulder and complained to the referee that Floyd wasn't offering a defence apart from his *rse - yeah the Ozzies would call me a whinging pom.

But all that aside, Floyd is another class, great accurate punches and movement, the left hook was a beauty.

As for our other man Joe, mmm, we can hope for a while; but if Joe wins I'll tip Justin for a Rose Slam.
12/11/07 @ 05:23

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