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U.S. will lose Presidents Cup because Tiger Woods is too good

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For a while, there were high hopes around here for the U.S. team in the upcoming Presidents Cup. Mainly due to momentum. You see, in recent years, U.S. teams have lost every event in every sport, played anywhere against anyone, under any rules. Maybe… more »

More proof the Devil lives in New Jersey: N.J. golfers score consecutive aces

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New Jersey is known as the Garden State, which is much better than it's other nickname, the Fifth Circle of Hell. Basically, New Jersey is like the anti-New York, except with more humidity and pollution. And sure, I'm willing to accept that many will… more »

Tim Finchem finds that Tiger Woods is not the kissing kind

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At the end of Tour Championship, as Tiger Woods was awarded the trophy for his dominant victory, PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem jumped in to give him the FedEx Cup trophy, while talking about how wildly fabulous Tiger was. As Finchem handed Tiger t… more »

Golf News: Courses brace for O.J. Simpson's hunt for the "real thief"

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Golf courses throughout the land are preparing for a stellar fall and winter season, as O.J. Simpson will soon likely be playing golf throughout the nation, in search of the person(s) that have sullied his good name and possibly committed theft at a Las… more »

Woods, Mickelson to play Tour Championship - FedEx Cup a success! Also, Tiger blows off Grand Slam

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With both Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson preparing to play in the Tour Championship, some are pointing to this as a definitive success for Tim Finchem's grand FedEx Cup playoffs plan. And by all means, it will make for an interesting Tour Championship… more »

If golf carts must be mandatory, at least they can be $100K electric stealth carts

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In the U.S., playing a round of golf without a golf cart is like ordering the triple cheeseburger without a side order of super-sized bacon-cheese fries. It just doesn't happen. Still, there are those fighting for their right to walk. Recently, in fac… more »

After Phil Mickelson's win over Tiger Woods, Associated Press can't ignore FedEx Cup enough

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Reading through the Associated Press coverage of Phil Mickelson's stirring victory over Tiger Woods and the field over this Labor Day weekend, one truly comes to a simple realization - the AP is not going in for any of this FedEx Cup stuff whatsoever.… more »

FedEx Cup be darned - Mickelson and Woods coming down to the wire is must-see TV

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It feels like it's been forever since Phil Mickelson was laying waste to a course on the PGA Tour, but that's exactly what's happening at the Deutsche Bank Championship. Three birdies in five holes has Lefty tied a shot up on Arron Oberholser with la… more »