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Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

The issue of Bubbles and the Samsung was kicked around on one of Dot's blogs.

It was noted that the Samsung committee had awarded Bubbles an exemption two weeks before she had ever played a single hole in a 2007 LPGA tournament, and more than four months after she had played her last round of competitive golf, her missed cut at the Sony.

What motivation could that committee have possibly had to contemplate such a blunder?

They would probably like to take back her invitation, but don't know how.

If Bubbles doesn't graciously withdraw from the Samsung, she and her family and entourage will prove that they have more nerve than the guy who ate the first oyster.

One can only imagine the amount of seething contempt and scorn that will emanate from the other, more deserving females in the 20-player field.
08/20/07 @ 15:13
Comment from: 2under [Visitor] Email
As far as MW goes, I don't believe I could say anything anymore eloquently than Alex did, so I will leave that point alone.

But Tiger and the FedEx - is he really treating the FedEx any differently than any other PGA tourney? The FedEx was created solely to drive participation from the greats of the game in the post-major season. It has, and will, do that. He is taking a week off before playing to make sure he is rested. That isn't any different than how he approaches other non-majors.

If this cup gets him to two of four of these "playoff" events, that's probably at least one more than he would have attended had the cup not been in place. So let time tell before we bash the FedEx cup.
08/21/07 @ 08:08
Comment from: Merrin [Visitor] Email
tiger skipping Barclays is just like a football team with a first round bye. It doesnt take anything away from the Fed Ex, it actually might make it more interesting because tiger could be knocked out of first or have tighter competition by the time he starts playing.

Imagine if he won too early, then everyone would be complaining about how anti-climactic the FC was.
08/21/07 @ 23:22

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