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Comment from: trevor [Visitor]
After reading Stephen Ames post game interview, me thinks, someone has got to teach that man how to say things in context. He's been using that "out of context" thing for years--like all reporters take things out of context during a mass interview.

Stephen, say what you mean and mean what you say. And stop whining. Mike Weir's done a good job representing Canada, although recently, his game's been in a slump--he's still a class act. But Ames, he could use a few lessons from Weirsy.

He's dissed Tiger years ago in a very lengthy interview in the Calgary Herald but no one outside of that city picked it up as Ames was still an unknown but, he later claimed that Dowbiggin, the columnist took it out of context. Bruce Dowbiggin (who, by the way, is an excellent sports journalist) in turn wrote a retort claiming that he had no idea what Ames was talking about because that's what he said. (maybe, the interview was taped).

Fudging the facts is how Ames presents himself. He's lied to US Immigration (isn't that illegal?) when he was attempting to cross the border from Canada, when he told them that he was a US resident when, he was actually at that time, a Trinidadian who happened to be living in Calgary. So he gets temporarily banned from entering the US so he couldn't play golf on the PGA for a while. So, did the US Immigration take that out of context and unfairly banned him or maybe, the news reports took that out of context as well.

This lying bit is coming from a guy who dissed Tiger in the same Calgary Herald interview as "a terrible role model for children" because Tiger bends the rules all the time, to win his numerous tournaments, which apparently was taken out of context, too. He'll say anything for attention and blame it on how it's reported.

So, now on the last round of the 2007 PGA, he's getting alot of attention--use it well, Stephen, this is your chance to be a class act.
08/12/07 @ 11:39

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