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Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
Winning is not the only thing. Take Sophie Sandolo, for instance ....
08/01/07 @ 11:17
Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email
I think the South Koreans make for a good "villain" for the American women. When you see Kerr or Gulbis defeat them, it's sort of like Obi Wan Kinobi taking down 30 storm troopers by himself.

08/01/07 @ 11:24
Comment from: J.P. Corbeil [Visitor] Email
Let me just say this is not a big subject of discussion on the European Tour.
08/01/07 @ 12:00
Comment from: Karen [Visitor] Email
Annika raised the bar. Everyone else is playing catch-up!
08/01/07 @ 15:48
Comment from: Dave [Visitor] Email
What baloney! You must have missed K.J. Choi's victories this year at the Memorial and AT&T National. Choi is an extremely popular champion on the PGA Tour because he has learned to connect with golf fans. The South Korean women who play on the LPGA Tour would do well to emulate him. Raising the spectre of racism to explain why they are unpopular is a cheap, lazy shot at golf fans who pay the way.
08/01/07 @ 18:21
Comment from: Booger [Visitor] Email
Hey Wolf, why don't you complain about how the Korean
girls are far more popular than the foreigners playing
on the ladies tour in Korea.

It's only natural. Your communism isn't.
08/01/07 @ 23:10
Comment from: The Constructivist [Visitor] Email
Booger, why don't you go read the Rochester news piece about one of those "communist" golfers who visited the Korean War Memorial there this year. You know how to use google, right?

Oh, Wolfrun's a communist for asking why American fans haven't warmed up to Korean golfers? Not everyone should be as big a fan as your average Seoul Sisters addict, I admit, but Se Ri Pak, Mi Hyun Kim, Shi Hyun Ahn, Seon-Hwa Lee, Jee Young Lee, and the other top ROK players should at least be respected for their hard work and great talent. You'd think that many of them are Christians would be a bridge for some American fans to make a connection--communism isn't the only internationalism out there, after all.

And no, extreme nationalism isn't natural.

Here's a suggestion, though, Lets stop talking about "the Koreans" en masse. Why don't you dig up some good backstories on some individual players, Wolfrun, and put them out there?
08/01/07 @ 23:31
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

Very well put. Wolfrum should be ashamed of himself for playing the race card; it's not only lazy and cheap, it's also small-minded and indicative of philosophical bankruptcy. Unfortunately, though, it's the way liberals have been trained to think; their explanations for what they perceive to be problems (which often are figments of their imaginations anyway or aren't really problems) never go beyond ideological cliches.
08/02/07 @ 02:07
Comment from: Oui Oui Oui [Visitor] Email
Here's my theory: if the koreans don't all have names like Kim, Park, Lee, and have more distinctive names, they might be easier to be identifiable and be seen as individuals.
08/02/07 @ 08:08
Comment from: LPGAFAN [Visitor] Email
Tell us what the ratings for the HSBC match play tournament was on CBS was. Many Koreans in the final 16, final down to a Japanese and Korean. My guess is the test pattern, which gets a 1.0 rating, was more popular than the LPGA telecast.
08/02/07 @ 16:49
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
If foreign players want to ingratiate themselves with the American public, they'll need to learn the language and be more personable. This isn't holding them to a higher standard; it's the same standard that all golfers have to live up to.
08/02/07 @ 17:51
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Oh MY! What else would one expect from our favorite leftist...Wolfie? AMERICANS have to 'change' and have to 'accept' others even if they can't/won't speak English, or have the apparent personality of a cigar-store Indian. Of course they do! Heaven forfend that ANY OTHER country 'change' their posture or behaviours!!! ;) Well, at least he's consistent.......
10/23/07 @ 13:14

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