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Dana Perino should handle all FedEx Cup questions as Deutsche Bank Championship gets under way

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Dana Perino has a big job ahead of her, as she takes over as White House Press Secretary for the outgoing Tony Snow. We wish Snow nothing but the best in his battle with cancer, but we also wonder if Perino is up to the job. One way to see if she's re… more »

If you don't like Rory Sabbatini, golf may be too high-octane for you

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Think Rory Sabbatini learned not to call out Tiger Woods? Think again. When talking about all the hell he caught after calling out Tiger earlier this year, Sabbatini had this to say today: "Apparently he's a celestial being that you can't touch. That'… more »

Samsung World Championship to bring 19 of the best women's golfers together - and Michelle Wie

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In October, the LPGA will unleash the Samsung World Championship. Just 20 elite players are allowed into this event, which prides itself as the LPGA's "fifth major." "Just to get in means you've had a great year," said Laura Davies. "It brings the bes… more »

FedEx Cup ennui - nothing some gunplay wouldn't fix

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When George W. Bush stood in front a group of veterans and told them that the main problem with the Vietnam War was that it wasn't long enough, he did so with the confidence of knowing full well that his approval ratings were light years better than the… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings move to and sees that Tiger, Michelle Wie make ignoring events easy

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If there's one thing I've learned about certain golf Web sites, it's this - they'll accept any type of content whatsoever. Really, anything. Take Now, while it's a site that will offer you great, exclusive interviews with guys like Char… more »

Save the Stock Market: Hold charity golf tourney for Countrywide, other lenders

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Not long ago, you could get a home loan as a prize inside a box of Raisin Bran. It was a great time for home buyers, as credit scores were tossed out the window and everyone was able to get whatever home they wanted, regardless of whether they could affo… more »

4,206 under par still trails Tiger Woods by three at PGA Championship

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Over at ASAP Sports - a great place to wade through interview transcripts of major sporting events - they had an interesting typo in the introduction to Stephen Ames at his PGA Championship post-third-round interview: "Ladies and gentlemen, Stephen Am… more »

Anonymous "PGA Tour pro" blogger makes look unprofessional, unethical, and pathetic

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Let's be blunt: What in the hell is wrong with Sports Illustrated's You see, thought it would be a brilliant idea to get a "PGA Tour player" and have him write his thoughts - on the condition of anonymity. You see, that way, the pl… more »

Barry Bonds breaks Hank Aaron's career home run record - and shows why steroid testing is necessary in all sports

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The biggest record in all of U.S. pro sports was broken last night, and aside from ESPN, few really cared. Barry Bonds hit career home run No. 756, to pass Henry Aaron as baseball's all-time home run king. Aaron's record was cherished for years, as he… more »

Tiger Woods will win the PGA Championship because the heat is on

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Golf's final major is getting ready to start, and the players are sweating it. As the PGA Championship - the Cotton Bowl of the majors - prepares to get under way, the heat is soaring at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Okla. But for one player, th… more »

Lorena Ochoa has filmmakers 18 holes away from a perfect British Open ending

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In early May, when interviewing Christopher Vitiello and Jonathan Ochoa about their documentary on Ochoa's cousin - Lorena Ochoa - the pair admitted that after so long following the world's No. 1 female golfer, they'd finish up shooting at the British Op… more »

Join PGA, USGA in helping families of disabled or fallen U.S. troops on Patriot Golf Day

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The PGA of America and USGA are teaming up on Sept. 1 for "Patriot Golf Day" and they're asking for the assistance of all golfers to help the families of U.S. troops that were disabled or killed in combat. Spearheaded by veteran Dan Rooney, an F-16 pi… more »

Why are South Koreans on the LPGA Tour held to higher 'personality' standard?

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While the golf world remains abuzz at the fact that they can now shamelessly swim in the waters of Natalie Gulbis bikini photos - hell, officially has become FHM for the week - there is one other interesting issue that came from Ms. Gulbis' vict… more »