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Natalie Gulbis gets first win, prepares for jail after desecrating U.S. flag

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Natalie Gulbis has finally put herself in the winner's circle, beating Jang Jeong in a one-hole playoff at the Evian Masters in Evian-les-Bains, France. For Gulbis, a satisfying victory for a golfer who was being called the "Anna Kournikova of golf" for… more »

Golf the No. 1 professional sport - by default

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Historians will look back to July 2007 and reach a startling conclusion - golf is the greatest sport in the world. It reached that lofty height by default, of course, but there can no longer be any doubt - golf is king of all professional athletic endeav… more »

Padraig Harrington wins the 2007 British Open

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Padraig Harrington became the first golfer from Ireland to win the British Open in six decades as he held off Sergio Garcia in a tension-filled four-hole playoff at Carnoustie. Keep an eye on and for analysis of the thrill… more »

Sergio Garcia, Padraig Harrington head to playoff at British Open after Carnoustie bites back

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Sergio Garcia missed a 10-foot putt on the final hole in an amazing final round of the British Open that saw Padraig Harrington twice go into the water on the final hole to fall out of the lead, only to see Garcia bogey the 18th to force extra holes.… more »

Sergio Garcia blistering the field at British Open - Spaniard's first major is 18 holes away

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Sergio Garcia is one round away from putting himself in the history books, as he was again on his game at Carnoustie and headed into the clubhouse with a three-shot lead at the British Open. Steve Stricker was the other big story of the day, as the Ameri… more »

Jesper Parnevik's moronic, ignorant statements on steroids and golf are totally false

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Here's something Jesper Parnevik had to say in regards to Gary Player's recent comments on steroids in golf: "I thought it was stupid," Parnevik said. "I personally don't know one person who used them." Parnevik said steroids wouldn't help a golfer… more »

Cemetary golfing shows Michigan golfers to be a macabre bunch

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When you combine Michigan, home of Bigfoot hunters, Brandon Tucker and Michael Moore, with avid golfers, things are bound to get a touch wonky. Which could perhaps explain why graveyards in Michigan have become the hot new place to practice one's golf… more »

Brazil must respond quickly to fatal airplane crash, or risk losing entire tourism industry

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As someone who spends a great deal of time in Brazil, the crash of the TAM flight in Sao Paulo hit me hard, as it so obviously did to so many others, even those with no connection to Brazil. Nearly 200 lives were extinguished in the hellish accident that… more »

Republicans: Here's some great golf reading for your next filibuster

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Senate Republicans, who've taken to filibustering and obstructing nearly every bill that comes their way in a stubborn refusal to vote, were forced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to back up their threats this time, and spent last night debating the… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings look outside the solar system for golf's best

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Here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings, we look under every rock and between every nook and cranny to find the world's best golfers. You'd think that would be enough, but not for us. That's because we're willing to scour the entire universe to find great… more »

A David Beckham for Phil Mickelson trade would be win-win for U.S. and UK

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Today was the big day for U.S. soccer fans as David Beckham officially became part of Major League Soccer, joining the Los Angeles Galaxy. Ironically, as one of the biggest stars in the UK settles in the UK, one of the biggest golf stars has settled n… more »

Condoleezza Rice finds some meaning for her life on the golf course

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U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, having long ago accepted her utter meaninglessness in the bomb-and-bomb-some-more neocon world of foreign bombing, has at very least used her position for some gain - as a golfer. Seems Rice, who has played in… more »

Sex and golf survey proves golfers , Lexus, USGA are all completely demented

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As part of its promotion for last month's U.S. Open, Lexus - official sponsor of the USGA - did a survey of golfers to find out just how into the game they really are. The results: Golfers are completely demented. The part of the survey that got no… more »

Pennsylvania politicians so impotent they can't get Paris Hilton to golf outing

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When Paris Hilton walked out of county jail, she promised she'd be a new woman. Then she hit the party circuit and never looked back. Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Sturla (D) saw this all take place and thought: "Wow, I can make this all work for me!" and he… more »

Dear Tim Finchem: Keep Dane Cook away from the FedEx Cup

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Major League Baseball laid down its bats and surrendered today, as it made the stunning admission that it had chosen joke-free comedian Dane Cook as the "face" of it's postseason schedule. Cook, known best for being the person who most perfectly repre… more »
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