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This Independence Day, golfers need to support U.S. troops

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Golfers, it's time we put our money, and golf gear, where our mouths are. I've previously written about a couple of organizations that have done just that --the Evansville (Ind.) City Council and Kyle Taylor of USAGolf in Lawrence, Kansas. They, and o… more »

Michelle Wie: No worries about the 88 rule for the Simpsons' newest star

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Having seen it mentioned by a few readers, I checked in with Brandon Tucker, who is writing and reporting from the U.S. Women's Open, whether the now-infamous "88 Rule" is in effect at the tourney. The rule, for those golf fans hiding un… more »'s Brandon Tucker picks U.S. Women's Open over Bigfoot hunt

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Once again, will have a presence at one of golf's biggest events, as Brandon Tucker will be reporting and blogging from Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club in Southern Pines, N.C., giving readers the inside scoop from the 2007 U.S. Women's O… more »

First pictures of Sam Alexis Woods show Tiger and Elin's happy family

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If you weren't sure if Tiger Woods truly transcended golf, you now know for sure. Head over to Golf Digest to see the first pictures of Tiger and wife Elin's first child, Sam Alexis, as well as some photos of the whole family, labradoodle included. So… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings cash in on Tiger Woods' nipples, George Soros', Laura Norman's money

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It takes a lot to get our attention here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings, where our days are spent living the high life off the innumerable bribes sent in on nearly a daily basis by golfers who want to be No. 1. Of course, we here at the GSR's don't… more »

American Golf Liberties Union (AGLU) decries usage of 'golf-ball-sized hail'

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To: All media outlets, U.S. Congress, President George W. Bush, U.S. Supreme Court, Independent and unaffiliated Office of the Vice President. Dear Sirs, We at the American Golf Liberties Union (AGLU), as a protector of all that is right in golf an… more »

Tim Finchem slowly waking up to reality of drug-testing in golf

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PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem has finally come out and said - with the authority of a wet dishrag - that perhaps the PGA Tour needs to test its golfers for performance-enhancing drugs. Maybe. But he wants the other pro golf organizations to hold his… more »

Elin and Tiger Woods have daughter: Michelle Wie's dad offers to coach?

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When greatness passes on its DNA, it's worthy of note. Nonetheless, there appears to be no truth to the wildly spreading rumor that B.J. Wie, Michelle's dad, has contacted Elin and Tiger Woods, offering his service as coach and mentor to their new daught… more »

Angel Cabrera holds off Tiger Woods to win U.S. Open - Score one for Argentina

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Was there ever a better example of the disparate types that make their career golfing than Angel Cabrera and Tiger Woods at the U.S. Open? Cabrera, chain-smoking, husky, nervous as could be, against Woods, whose abs you can clean clothes on and who se… more »

Stop the U.S. Open now, hand trophy to Paul Casey

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A quick check at the U.S. Open scores from Oakmont thus far this morning: Phil Mickelson: +6 Henrik Stenson: +6 Sean O'Hair: +9 Trevor Immelman: +10 Stewart Cink: +10 Davis Love III: +10 Adam Scott: +12 Paul Casey: -4 Stop everything. Le… more »

For real-time U.S. Open scoring, don't go to USGA Web site

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Looking to stay updated on the latest scores at the U.S. Open? Well, so would the USGA, it appears. Their live leaderboard - co-hosted by -- is currently down, and has worked sporadically thus far. And other leaderboards haven't been doing t… more »

Sports Illustrated doesn't find Tiger Woods fun to watch

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Over at Sports Illustrated, they love nothing better than accumulating a bunch of photos, giving it all a topic, and then presenting it as a colorful photo gallery. Today's photo gallery is of the "Most Fun Athletes to Watch." Generally these photo ga… more »

NCAA needs to learn from readers: Live blogging events is here to stay

4 feedbacks » readers were given an interesting bonus recently, as Chris Baldwin reported live from the LPGA Championship. Throughout each round, Baldwin was able to give exclusive updates from the tournament, giving readers a unique look at the event.… more »

Will John Daly become first to make PGA Tour cut after a knife fight with the wife?

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First of all, let me just say this: If we could take John Daly and Paris Hilton, and meld them into some type of super-person, they would take over the world as we know it, because everyone would be too busy watching their exploits to do anything else.… more »

Rob Lowe the anti-Dick Cheney; kills bird on golf course

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With Conservatives agog at the possibility of ushering in a new fictional President in the form of former lobbyist Fred Thompson, another pretend politician is laying down his own brand of carnage - on the golf course. Fictional Deputy White House Com… more »