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I really don't think Mancil is too interested in
other women regardless of their looks or status in
Hollywood! haha! I'm his wife and we have been
very happily married since July 8, 2006!

He did however make another hole-in-one on
April 16th during a tournament! This part is true!

Kris Davis
04/24/07 @ 15:24
Comment from: jb kenna [Visitor] Email
I believe Mancil's full record of 51 holes in one and his bio are on his new website http://www.holeinoneking.com
07/07/09 @ 23:25
Comment from: mancil davis [Visitor] Email
You can read all about my holes in one at my new website. And yes, I'm happily married to the most lovely Kris!!!!
07/07/09 @ 23:28

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