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Spot on with Boo William K. Nice one.
04/16/07 @ 15:13
Comment from: Oui Oui Oui [Visitor] Email
Hmmmm....A joke involving shooting something given what transpired today at VT...Bad timing.....

Boo Weekly's close cousin 'Poop Daily' must be proud of his achievement today....
04/16/07 @ 17:37
Comment from: Dave Marrandette [Visitor]
As a pet owner, that is offensive!
04/17/07 @ 09:18
Comment from: Very surprised [Visitor]
In my humble opinion, she won because she played well enough to win, and being there put her in contention, not others missed putts or fairways as you contend. So what has her winning got to do with the game of golf going to the dogs, in your opinion she is a dog? They all had a chance, but she played better. She had just 27 putts in 18 holes, that is why she won because she played well, she played well and deserved to win. Since you are so good at making these remarks as stated at the start of this post about others achievements and being paid because you make them, just what have you done better than any of the people you minimize and cut down? This is not a personal assault, I googled you, and could not find your big achievement(s) other than this web site, but I must admit, I only checked 2 browser pages back and lost interest. Google Brittany Lincicome, her achievements show up right from the first page and continue for many more pages. Did you set some record, or won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism, maybe something, but then maybe nothing huh, no great achievement or award, just spewing out words on a web site, making others achievements seem less important, great job if you can slip under someone else’s achievements and write about how they connived to get where they are. Anybody reading these comments that agree with you on the game of golf going to the dogs because she won should try to make it to the level she plays. Work your way through Q school and then have people saying you took the win because so and so deserved it, but made a mistake and you slipped in and took the glory. I read she baby-sat during her rookie year, no event after miserably played event sponsor exemptions, and no multi-million payouts that actually surpassed the #1 in golf’s winnings and sponsor endorsements by 7 million while not even winning a single tournament (boy is that an achievement, shame on us all). All of these girls and guys for that matter on tour are there (except the one getting all the breaks because of the money her sponsors see of course) because they earned the right. If they win it is because they were at the top and poised to win because talent, not because someone missed a putt, that is going on throughout the entire tournament all the way back to the last place player. Missed putts for the win have been happening throughout golf’s illustrious history, you play your own game, and if you win, it is because you deserve to win, and because the others did not play well enough to beat you. So I didn’t see any slipping under to win, golf going to the dogs, I saw a young player take the victory though strong play, for that she deserved the win, if Ochoa didn’t take the # 1 spot, that’s not the real story here or the big story, its just another story. Just like another story where Laura Davies fought hard, but not winning or the story of the amazing golfer Nancy Lopez trying to restart her career. The true story at the Ginn was Brittany Lincicome, because she beat them to win, she deserved to get the credit for what she accomplished, not to have writers saying because she can slip under to win the games gone to the dogs. Of course you don’t have to agree, but at least you have something new to write about.
04/18/07 @ 02:51
Comment from: Had to pipe in [Visitor]
Very Surprised,

What article did you read? The whole point of the Lincicome piece was that she deserved the wins, regardless of how she got them.

And there was no mention of golf "going to the dogs." Seemed like WW was joking about the USGA blog to me. No connection to Lincicome.

04/18/07 @ 10:07

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