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Comment from: Gerry Brinkman [Visitor] Email
I hope you didn't take my previous comment as insulting, that was not my intent. Having read this, I will revise my opinion a fair bit. You've given something fairly balanced here and it's appreciated.

I still think that Tiger wouldn't last a minute in one of these fights.

Fertitta? Hyperbole? Yeah...okay...I see your point now. I'll admit to a bit of knee-jerk reaction.
03/29/07 @ 10:11
Comment from: Jace [Visitor] Email
You are of course correct that the guys promoting MMA are full of hype as are some fans.

But they have to be, the guys who own MMA are going to promote it and try to hype it up as much as possible. They don't have Sportscenter talking about them for 5 hours every day....

Same goes for the fans, they don't have the benefit of mainstream media covering them(for example a golf writer discussing MMA seems a bit odd, as you have pointed out the two sports are vastly different...no offense intended) so they have to hype the sport they love.

Hopefully as the sport of MMA grows(UFC likely earned near half a billion last year) mainstream media will catch on and we MMA fans don't have to promote the sport we love and can sit back and watch people do their jobs...
03/29/07 @ 14:23
Comment from: MMAGame [Visitor] Email
Sometimes it seems like all MMA fans are morons... or morans as the really ironic morons say.

The actual truth is that its just a vocal minority but they do all have tourettes in their fingers meaning they can't help typing garbage the entire time.

I like your article but you're wrong on one thing. MMA fans on a whole do tend to have a good sense of humor.

All the best and long live golf... My 3rd favourite sport :)
03/30/07 @ 08:24
Comment from: Casey Trowbridge [Visitor] Email
Well, thanks for pointing out my comment. Yes, I do believe that Fertitta was engaging in hyperbole when he mad eht statement and that the part to take issue with was the part about its popularity being like that of soccer. True, that might not mean much hear in the States but he wasn't speaking to just people in the U.S. when he made that claim.

I would further like to agree with you that MMA needs to be covered especially relative to some of the other things that get coverage.

The only thought I'd otherwise like to leave is this. Sure, Fertitta in my mind was guilty of hyperbole. However, I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing. If you break it down to its core hyperbole is what drives advertising. Anyone selling something and calling it the latest greatest thing is guilty of some hyperbole. How many biggest sporting events of the year can a society experience anyway? So I don't see why he needed to be singled out for what he said when that's hardly the worst use of hyperbole I've ever come across. Especially when even though he wasn't directly saying it, I do still stand by my point that in terms of effect on the chances of competition in the marketplace this merger or buyout will have a comparable impact to when the AFL and NFL joined in to one league.
03/31/07 @ 00:54
Comment from: Casey Trowbridge [Visitor] Email
Oh, and I retract my statement on you being a typical basher. The Tiger Woods thing is what prompted that response, but this post shows that compared to many you are more than fair.
03/31/07 @ 00:59
Comment from: Arthur Shimko [Visitor] Email
Secondly, I can't just flat out accept that MMA is more exciting than golf.

But you're writing about MMA for the second week in a row... and thanks for linking to my site, I can use some extra traffic.
04/02/07 @ 01:28
Comment from: MMA Gym [Visitor] Email
MMA fights are being appreciated and loved by many of its fans. I agree with the statement that it should be given more media attention.
09/15/09 @ 01:53

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