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UFC fans are nuts, but top MMA fights deserve more media attention then the Skins Game

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After seeing a few mixed-martial arts fans around the Internets spend some of their valuable time trying to invent new and exciting ways to call me different varieties of feminine hygiene products, I figured I should give at least one response before mov… more »

UFC, Pride merger brings hyperbole normally reserved for Tiger Woods

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With Tiger Woods in the mix, golf writers have plenty of openings for hyperbole. This writer has gone as far as to proclaim Woods the best athlete of his era, and awaits any solid arguments against that claim. Nonetheless, occasionally situations get… more »

The Tavistock Cup: Because the PGA Tour is never too long to broaden your financial portfolio

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As Tiger Woods and a select few others fight their fatigue over the ridiculously long PGA Tour schedule by teeing it up at the Tavistock Cup while laughing it up to the uproarious humor of David Feherty, many wonder what the Tavistock Cup actually is, an… more »

Tiger Woods leaves Doral, and 'Tiger's slumping' stories in shambles

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Back when I was a member of the Norwegian supergroup "a-ha" (I was "ha"), I learned quite a bit about wasting time. Seriously, it doesn't take that much concentration and practice to successfully sing the line "Take on me!" over and over and over again.… more »

Being a sportswriter is easy, regardless of what those covering the PGA Tour will have you believe

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My fellow magicians will likely be upset that I'm unveiling one of the secrets of the trade, but, hey, I'm a rebel so here goes: Being a sportswriter is as cushy a job as you can find. Not only do you get to watch sporting events for a living, you… more »

Using steroids a no-brainer at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings

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Here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings, we go through steroids like a diabetic goes through insulin, and we have testicles the size of a proton to prove it. We do it gladly, however, because we want to be the most powerful golf rankings system in the know… more »

Nancy Lopez returning to a new world of golf - can she smoke LPGA's best?

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While everyone spent the last few years glorifying the young guns of the LPGA - and are currently checking their watches to see if any of them are actually going to have a real accomplishment in the pro game - Nancy Lopez was working to get back in the g… more »

The real March Madness: Golf world's hysteria over protecting par

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While most sports fans in the U.S. are in the grips of college basketball's March Madness (and weren't we all wondering how Duke-hater Chris Baldwin will rework a golf blog to get his gloating in over the Krzyzewski Kids falling to Virginia Commonwealth)… more »

Tiger, Arnold and Phil have their say on the Ides of March

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Head for the hills, kids, the Ides of March are upon us! Ok, actually the "Ides of March" just means the middle of March, which is, in fact, today. Any negative connotation of the phrase is just because Julius Caesar got whacked on March 15, some 2,05… more »

Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus will soon see others hosting PGA Tour events

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It's all Arnold Palmer this week, as the Arnold Palmer Invitational takes place this week at Bay Hill in the beautiful city of Arnold Palmer in the state of Arnold Palmer. But while Arnold Palmer is all the Arnold Palmer these days, the PGA Tour will… more »

Phil Mickelson helps out Conrad Dobler's family: No, it is not a hoax or urban legend

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A while ago, I gave my thoughts on Phil Mickelson lending a hand to former NFL star Conrad Dobler and his family, who were suffering from financial woes due to medical expenses for Dobler's wife Joy, as well as a lifetime of medical expenses for Dobler,… more »

Michelle Wie, Tadd Fujikawa have nothing on Bombi Aznar

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As Michelle Wie's convalescence drags out a little longer, the young phenomenon is learning some cold hard facts about the public - out of sight, out of mind. So as Wie awaits to heal her "backwards running" injury, someone like Tadd Fujikawa jumps in an… more »

Golf Balls to the troops II: Golf equipment isn't in Kansas anymore

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About six weeks ago, a blog ran here detailing the work of the City of Evansville, Ind., in sending used golf balls over to Iraq. It seems smacking around golf balls has been a great way for U.S. troops to get some entertainment and feel closer to home w… more »

Let's Nuke China: Sluggish stock market, ban on golf are an assault on our freedoms

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It goes without saying that the United States is terrorized from all angles. There are the IslamoFascistNazis hiding behind every third tree, waiting patiently to slice everyone's throats. There's Mexico, bundling up its criminals and sending them to the… more »

Bob Ney - Prisoner No. 28882-016 - reports to prison as golf laughs last

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Former U.S. Representative Bob Ney has moved to his new home - a jail cell in Morgantown, W.V. Ney drunkenly careened through the House for many a year, patriotically renaming French fries and accepting damn near anything in the way of bribes for his… more »