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Comment from: Baby Blue Eyes [Visitor] Email
Rutledge is using the PGA tour to prepare for the Senior Tour.
02/14/07 @ 09:10
Comment from: RonMon [Visitor] Email
A) NEVER make predictions about teenagers!

B) Second-youngest rookie? Huh what?

C) The new term is juice, not mojo. Just ask Nike.
02/14/07 @ 20:05
Comment from: Oliver Sudden [Visitor] Email
Honorable Mention 5: George McNeill. Here is a young man who didn't have enough money to buy a cup of coffee and was selling golf balls at a Fort Myers club. He couldn't stand it so all he did was go through all 3 stages of Q school and won the finals. Then finished T13 in his 1st event. He shot par or better in his 1st 14 rounds. He's played 4 events and missed only 1 cut by a shot and earned $140,160. Downright amazing in my view.
02/15/07 @ 01:41
Comment from: Josh [Visitor] Email
Is it me or is there some distortion to Kirstie Alley's photo, the bottom half seems disproportionaly wider than the top?
02/15/07 @ 05:55

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