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Comment from: Patrick Gallagher [Visitor] Email
It is undeniably fun to see guys like Duval and Daly in the game, as distinct as their games may be it's always fun to see a guy with a backround of accomplishment past stick with the game!!!!
01/19/07 @ 15:31
Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Visitor] Email
So K. You’re basically saying David Duval is the Mike Tyson of golf.

Brilliant thought. Knew you’d have one eventually.

01/19/07 @ 16:16
Comment from: Baby Blue Eyes [Visitor] Email

You are just jealous....WKW has a leg up over everyone else here.

He was quoted in the largest Canadian daily newspaper re his comment on Becjham. ...The editor that must be a fan of WKW.
01/19/07 @ 17:05
Comment from: RonMon [Visitor] Email
What hydrant does WKW have a leg up on or over? Chris, what ear did Duval nibble, yours?

Duval was never an exciting interview when he won, nor did he draw anyone to the game. His return or lack of is a non-story. There are no new individual stories in golf this year. No one cares about an old canadian, a young floridian in sneakers and rain pants, a long-hitting lefty named Bubba, or anyone other than Tiger. Fijians? Nope. Irish? Nope. Hawaiians? Nope.
01/20/07 @ 12:50
Comment from: Scott West [Visitor] Email
David Duval drew me into the game, I enjoy watching his life...his struggles with his brother's death...his marriage, his fight to live a real life and play golf (badly albeit...). Nonetheless, I enjoy watching him and being his fan. Sorry you think he's a sideshow...what exactly did he have in common with Daly, other than the British Open...divorce, no...fat, no...drinker, not really, had a bad bout of golf after winning a major, yeah, so did Baker-Finch, Miller, and many other guys...why don't you take aim at them too...
08/01/07 @ 19:46
Comment from: Rick Babcock [Visitor] Email
Hard to understand why anyone wants to dump on David Duval. The guy has had many battles in his life with his brother dying, a back injury, and virtigo which would kill any golfers game as it disrupts your swing. I hope that David can come back but more important I hope he finds happiness with his personal life. Golf is a game, family is life.
08/08/07 @ 04:19
Comment from: DJ Schuman [Visitor] Email
I certainly hope Duval continues to do well in life,
and that he continue to find the happiness in life
that eluded him while he was on top. It takes a
bigger man to give up what he did (his golf game)
for a chance at happiness and to do something else.
I will always be one of his biggest fans because I
can relate to the other things in life, not golf.
He is certainly not a side show like Daly. My hat
goes off to all David Duval's fans as they are true
fans who follow him through the good and the bad,
and don't jump on the band wagons of those
currently playing good golf. I don't know who WKW
is, but I do know his opinion of Duval doesn't
matter to his true fans.
08/13/07 @ 12:45

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