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Comment from: patricia [Visitor] Email
FEC...just another attempt to get NASCARy. Isn't that what every sport wants... to get NASCARy?

2007-01-05 @ 10:28
Comment from: Monte Shaffer [Visitor] Email
The FEC is an attempt by the PGA to control the top players. With the reshuffling of points at the end, they are trying to "FORCE" Tiger and Phil to play in the events that lead up to their pinnacle TPC.

Tiger when he created his Target event was forced to pay the PGA a fee of $1 million for having the event; reportedly, Tiger said, 'that will not happen again.' Tiger is not a 'company' man, and the FEC is PGA's attempt to use 'golden handcuffs' to help them feel like they are in control.

Like Furyk, I believe the low point total for the majors is a huge disgrace and embarrassment. Those events should have had 3x the total points, not a few hundred points more.

The majors define golf, the PGA is trying to control golf, and the result is the pathetic FEC.

When an organization searches for the almighty dollar myopia sets in and the slippery slope toward mediocrity occurs.


2007-01-08 @ 12:10
Comment from: Carl Flega [Visitor]
The FedExCup runup points are only of interest to those in the bottom 100 of the World Golf rankings. The top 10-20 players will be in the deciding four tournaments. The final four are actually just 16 rounds of golf with the winner taking $10M. In 16 rounds scoring average will dominate the final standings. Every one would have given up 1/2 stroke or more per round to Tiger in 2006. In 16 rounds that is 8 strokes! Only the top golfers with great scoring average in 2007 have any chance, points be damned.
2007-01-12 @ 17:54
Comment from: Gregw [Visitor]
WKW, do you feel like an idiot yet? A writer that makes such a dramatic statement 24 hours into a process is the real embarrassing failure. You do possess the dna of a columnist though in that your ability is limited to screeching about the efforts of others rather than actually accomplishing or being accountable for anything yourself. Any self important moron can have a blog these days, no qualifying exam required. The Stricker story, Tiger/Phil drama on Labor Day, the chase at Cog Hill all subsequent to your egotistical statement have been pretty interesting. By all means, bring back the old way where no one of note was playing or paying attention after the PGA major. That was better? And the fact that only a few people have shot at the title on the last weekend is a sign of failure? There is a reason so many on the tour have gotten fat by showing not winning during the season. They aren't champions.
2007-09-10 @ 15:42

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