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Comment from: RonMon [Visitor] Email
Even sadder, I've started three blogs and been unable to finish any of them. At least the aforementioned have the time and the inspiration to put fingers to keys and hammer out some worthwhile drivel. My drool is still gummed to my lower lip.
12/26/06 @ 08:38
Comment from: Mark Nessmith [Visitor]
Are you accusing me of a cheap trick!?

Truth be told, I posted that blog because A) I thought it'd be an amusing cheap trick. Ok, so I'm guilty there.

And B) It genuinely fascinates me that a 2005 NCAA survey indicated marijuana use by 25 percent of college golfers - and no one seems to care. Can you imagine if 25 percent of football or basketball players tested showed traces of pot!?
12/27/06 @ 12:07
Comment from: RonMon [Visitor] Email
The only cheap trick is, Wolfrum fears me. Why else would he leave me off his "A quick recap of what they're saying" list?
12/27/06 @ 23:29
Comment from: Spencer Hux [Visitor] Email
What is Milan Kundera writing about these days? Probably
not a whole lot that is more interesting than the above blog topics.
01/03/07 @ 09:35

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