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Comment from: Kristen [Visitor] Email
Nike snipers. You know they're out there. Chilling.
12/19/06 @ 09:35
Comment from: Ghet Rheel [Visitor] Email
"...leaps from the sidelines and smacks Tiger in the Achilles tendon with a four-iron, screaming "Take that weak-ass shit out of here!"... sounds more like something that would happen in women's figure skating.

Looks like Wie is headed to that west-coast-diploma-mill in Palo Alto. Stanford is clearly NOT accredited by the Grinches.

Congrats to Lorena Ochoa on LPGA honors. Let's see, how old was Ochoa in her break-out year? Oh yeah... 24. About the same age that Sorenstam, and nearly every other top-notch golfer, finds their top form... Can't wait to see Wie's "A" game come together in about 2013.. when she's 24... seven years from now.
12/20/06 @ 04:44
Comment from: Big Deal [Visitor] Email
Hey Ghet Rheel! If your goal for the great Michelle Wie is to become the next Lorena Ochoa then by all means keep comparing their games...I always thought Michelle was suppossed to lay waste to the women's game why do you insist on comparing her to other mere mortals then. I have no problem waiting until 2013 for Michelle's game to come around,. I'm sure that you will have no problem admitting that by giving her until 24 you are conceding that she is just like everybody else and not as special as we thought back when she was 13. Do you really believe that her name and fame did not contribute to her acceptance into Stanford. Michelle's golf game may not be average, but her academic achievement and test scores most certainly are, in fact she is woefully underqualified in comparison with the rest of the applicant pool.
12/20/06 @ 13:50
Comment from: Ghet Rheel [Visitor] Email

Big Deal -

24 is the average age that top golfers begin to dominate. Legends like Hogan, Snead, Jones, Woods, Palmer, Nicklaus, Nelson, Sorenstam, etc show an average age of 24 or so for their "A" games to mature - Golf history 101.

If you have PROOF that Stanford applied standards to Michelle that were outside their norm, prove it. You're just jealous. Admit it. Michelle is smarter than you, golfs better than you, is richer than you, more popular than you, and probably taller than you... get used to it.
12/20/06 @ 19:23

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