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Comment from: David [Visitor]
I find this article to be extremely biased and very vindicative of Dubai for no reason. Isnt this a golf website? what does camel racing and ALLEGED charges of children and sex slaves have anything to do with Golf? You speak like the typical american: you have never been to Dubai, you have never seen for yourself the things they do and the amount of GOOD they do for other people and other countries. YOu do not know how much money was donated to millions of people and dozens of countries around the world. You only know what your silly TV feeds you.

try to go out more often and learn more about the world. It will help in making you look less like an idiot and more like a civilized creature.
12/07/06 @ 11:41
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Who is David? Is he afraid to identify himself and how he came to know so much more than Wolf about Dubai?
12/07/06 @ 21:35
Comment from: Bruce Stasch [Member] Email
Perhaps Wolfie is a bit strong in his criticisms of Dubai, but his main point is still valid. Tiger Woods and other American corporations are willing to overlook some of the issues that many Middle East countries have: human rights, slave trafficing, drugs, torture, civil rights, etc. Unfortunately, with some of the US government's behavior and comments during the last four years, the righteous leg we have to stand on is pretty wobbly right now in the eyes of the rest of the world.
12/07/06 @ 23:08
Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email

Are you then opposed as well to all the new golf courses being sprung up in China, so often notorious for child labor and inhumane work conditions in sweat shops, not to mention a communist government? A slew of American golfers and designers are getting into the white hot market there too.

While I'd love to see Woods fight for human rights, I'm not sure it's a golfer's role to contest cultural differences.

I agree his quote about building a world class course in the desert is total Bull. If he wanted that, he'd find some property with character like Bandon, Cali or even northern Michigan. Desert courses are nothing but hokey.

12/08/06 @ 04:19
Comment from: Dave M - Eye On Golf [Visitor] Email

"Desert courses are nothing but hokey."

I am assuming you mean desert courses in Dubai and not in the U.S.?

I run a new desert course in AZ that is fun to play and a challenge to every skill level. Of course, I've only been at the game about 50 years, so my experience with golf courses may not be up to par (no pun intended).
12/08/06 @ 07:40
Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email
Going to AZ, Palm Springs and LV in the next few months, then I'll let you know Dave.

In the meantime, yes, I prefer my courses in more wooded, rolling and green settings that can survive on natural water alone. It's the Midwest bias in me.

Desert snakes freak me out, too, ala Indy Jones.
12/08/06 @ 09:25
Comment from: sid [Visitor] Email
Cry me a river!

Tiger Woods is the only American
accepting " truckloads of money" from

Shame on you Tiger, shame on you!!
12/08/06 @ 13:57
Comment from: BV [Visitor] Email
The comments from 'David [Visitor]' make it very clear that he is either NOT an American, OR that he has not lived here long. "It's a golf site, so stick to writing about golf" MAY be what happens in other countries...but here, ANYthing is fair game no matter what the 'takeoff' subject is! ;) And we like it that way! Bottom line for me: Baldwin sucked up waaay to much and Wolfram dissed waaay too much. As usual, you'll find "truth" somewhere in between these points.
12/18/06 @ 13:24
Comment from: EF [Visitor] Email
I would like to thank you for your very proffessional and unbiased article. Wolfrum please tell me, have you ever been to Dubai? have you ever known anyone from Dubai? I guess not. Well, in that case, how can you say that people who were part of September 11 are from the UAE? you mean the passports survived all that fire? and if you follow your news correctly, these passports were then announced fake on the news, even if they survived. Another thing is that what Tiger Woods decides to do with his money, or invest in wherever or whatever he wants is part of his rights.

What Brandon Tucker [Member] said in his comment is right, why not say anything about the investments going on in China.

I don't think you have anything to say which can be even put into consideration. Try filling the page with something more useful for golf next time.
02/12/07 @ 03:53
Comment from: Bruno [Visitor] Email
Guys you gotta be kidding me!! do not close your eyes to the things that happen everywhere else in the world...
I live in Dubai, so I can tell... For Camel races, today they use only robots... no kids allowed to race any more.. golf courses, yes Montgomery, Ernie, Vijay, Reetif.. you named all of them are building golf courses... why not Tiger... Tons on money.. but yes..
Like any other Amerian Biz Men in the UAE...
I would like to see your reaction if someone will give you a truck of money to build something in Dubai or to put your name on it.... unfortunatelly, you guys (and myself included) ... we have just not received the offer...

So guys do not BS your self with slavery workers (check all the "illegal" latin guys in the US working for peanuts... working girls... sure there are none in the US!!.. etc,etc

US is a great country like the UAE... with great Golf (though very expensive...)

so enjoy the good birdies & eagles where ever you are ... without giving much attention on where the rich guys are getting richer..
02/27/07 @ 23:59
Comment from: zilzal [Visitor] Email
i wan't deal my disegn
03/10/07 @ 18:31
Comment from: John Smith [Visitor] Email
I live in Dubai, and agree with the sentiments about Tiger being blinded with "Big Bucks" to look the other way.

Most foreign workers here are paid $3 per day; (yep THREE US DOLLARS) to work 10 hours in temperatures of 40 deg ++; then housed 20 per room with a single tiolet between 40 workers; they are conned into paying $4000 to get the job with promises of a decent wage; when they arrive in Dubai they are enslaved; worse than slavery actually; slave owners look after their slaves, the contractors don't care about their workers.

Tiger talks about charities etc etc; but his great great grandfather Doss Douglas must be turning in his grave knowing that his descendent is on the side of the slave maters; who are building a Golfing community around his Golf Course selling villas for $10 million ++ whilst paying the labourers less than $3 per day, and then paying them at least 6 month late.

No this is not a bad dream; actually it is a bad dream come true for over a million virtual slaves working to build Dubai and the fortunes of their slave masters, of which Tiger woods is must now be considered one, turning a bline eye is no excuse for human degradation and abuse.
05/01/08 @ 04:16
Comment from: JinReij [Visitor]
I totally agree with this article. Tiger Woods has enough money already. He could afford to have some decency and refuse to do business with those rich Dubai jerks.
11/20/08 @ 18:53
Comment from: Denise [Visitor] Email
I am shocked by some of the commnets here. Many od you seem to be quite the moral vacuums. Brandon - are you for REAL? You state that you would love to see Tiger fight for human rights, although you doubt that it's a golfer's responsibility (why is is NOT?) - yet he's a "champion working against slavery"? Excuse me? Surely you must appreciate the staggering hypocrisy?

Woods is half African, and half Asian. Those Races have never had a problem with slavery, and wicked cruelty. Niether have Semites, for that matter. Arabs, and Jews. Slavery is still very legal in Israel, FYI.

WHITE Christians are the ONLY demographic that has morally opposed slavery, and W-H-I-T-E Christians ended slavery in the Western Hemisphere. No other Races CARES. Slavery thrives in the non-Whites world. And Whitey is not responsible for what the others do. Yet is routinely blamed for everything that has EVER happened to every Non White that has ever lived.

Turns out that this Champion O' Diversity is only out to scam and guilt Whitey into submission. He is a wholesale fraud, and a liar, like the the rest of the Race Hustlers. I am going to proclaim THIS story far and wide.
04/10/09 @ 11:29

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