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Jerry Kelly gives Iraq war thumbs up, says media makes it 'extremely chaotic'

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Having trouble with a war, you say? Need a little time to formulate a plan that will make future generations ejaculate in awe over the mere mention of your name? Need some good press? Well, just send some PGA golfers to Baghdad! Yes, taking part in th… more »

By golfing for Alzheimer's, brothers remind us to not forget those struggling to remember

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When we look back at the young with envy, it's brothers like Matt and Mike Hannaford of Cape Coral, Fla., that we see. The two are young, energetic and golfers of the highest order - in the last junior golf national ranking Matt is ranked second overall… more »

The Unbearable Sadness of Blogging: Golf bloggers try anything in the offseason

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The Holidays are a time of family, friends, and getting Uncle Bob to stop leering at all the nieces after he's had one too many Hamms. It's also a time for and bloggers to try hurling anything against the wall in hopes tha… more »

Tip for Tiger Woods: Look at the whole package or your golf course design will get the shaft

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While I admit I was hard on Tiger Woods for his decision to build a golf course in a country where they abduct kids and make them camel-riding slaves, I really do only wish him the best. I'm certain that Tiger was able to take it like a man, however.… more »

Michelle Wie fails first Stanford test: Her choices for majors don't exist

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A crack reader wrote in yesterday with an interesting find in the stories that came out about Michelle Wie being accepted into Stanford. You see, most the stories repeated this same line: "Wie said she did not know what she would study, but… more »

If golfers fought, they wouldn't use the NBA's 'Float like a butterfly, flee like a sissy" approach

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The NBA has been reeling recently after a melee between the New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets. Now, while the NBA has been in damage control, trying desperately to avoid looking as though the league has a violence problem, the majority of fans have a… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings: You and Tiger Woods are the golfers of the year

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Here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings, putting together a list of the most supreme male golfers of 2006 wasn't all that difficult. For the most part, there's just one male golfer that matters anyway. So, really, we could just jot down Tiger Woods' name i… more »

The Slice That Stole Christmas: Can Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie help Santa Claus?

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The Slice That Stole Christmas Cast Tiger Woods as himself Michelle Wie as herself Phil Mickelson as Santa Claus John Daly as Rudolph Fred Couples as Little Freddie Couples Greg Norman as himself B.J. Wie as himself With Tim Finchem as The N… more »

Jimmie Johnson's wrist injury more proof NASCAR drivers way dumber, smaller than golfers

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Playing in a celebrity golf tournament in Lecanto, Fla., NASCAR champ Jimmie Johnson decided it would be wild fun to be on the roof of a moving golf cart. Of course, he fell off, breaking his wrist and then lied about it, telling reporters he was in the… more »

Michelle Wie's PR team tops Lorena Ochoa's golf game in Golfer Supremacy Rankings' 2006 top females

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We here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings are thrilled to bring you our first year-end ranking of the most supreme women golfers of 2006. For more or less all of 2005 and 2006, we here at the GSR's have been hearing about the amazing potential of wome… more »

Tiger Woods design deal with Dubai: Nothing unique about taking loads of money to look the other way

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Was it just a few months ago that many in the U.S. were stunned to find out that a Dubai company was going to pay to run several prominent U.S. ports? Even now, during a time when the U.S. is willing to try and privatize everything from social security t… more »

Military coup in Fiji hurts golf industry less than ESPN's Scoop Jackson hurts the literate

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Taking my cue from columnist Scoop Jackson, I spent a good part of the morning working on a blog written from the perspective of a golf ball. "Look at me, I'm a Maxfli Noodle. I have a soft-yet-durable Surlyn cover. Whoops, you just sliced me… more »

Golfer Supremacy Rankings see Jim Furyk, Tiger Woods and Erica Blasberg hard at work

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For one hour a week, every week (-ish) we here at the Golfer Supremacy Rankings toil away at the GSR Super Computer, anxiously awaiting it to spit out the rankings that the golf-rankings-hungry population craves. We put in five, sometimes six hours a mon… more »