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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Do you really read judicial-ink.biz, democracyrising, fibre2fashion, metroactive, and the other sources you cite, or did you stumble onto them while trolling the internet to substantiate your premise? I cannot imagine having time in the day to browse that many periodicals for information. Maybe I read tooooo sloooowly.
11/22/06 @ 11:34
Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email
Bill, sometimes you make Tim McDonald look like the right-wing conservative of TravelGolf.com...

I prefer to celebrate Thankgiving giving thanks to Whitey's ability to manipulate and if necessary murder off Native Americans so we can have our New World without any of that tribal junk getting in the way of some WASPy capitalism...but hey, if we hadn't bullied them off to their reservations in the middle of BFE, we'd have less land for fabulous golf courses!

11/22/06 @ 11:56
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
WKW, That was a noble attempt at covering all the left-wing kook talking points, but you omitted some really salient zingers. You made no mention of Karl Rove, the Vast Right -Wing Conspiracy, chemtrails, concentration camps, or the death squads clandestinely being trained by Bush and company to liquidate all the liberals. ALL of these things exist and you only need to search a little further on the liberal kook sites to find the information.
11/22/06 @ 16:07
Comment from: Booger [Visitor] Email
You're all insane, especially Tucker.
Whitey manipulate's nothing. He is
marked for extinction.
11/22/06 @ 16:41

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