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Comment from: Kristen [Visitor] Email
Who needs to pander? I already get almost 5 hits a day!
11/20/06 @ 12:53
Comment from: patricia [Visitor] Email
Whoring for hits? That's just so sleazy. Yeah, sometimes I feel like I
to take a shower after reading your blog.
11/20/06 @ 14:09
Comment from: Not-for-print [Visitor]
(World's richest golfer in Scotland)

Found today on Slashdot politics,
regarding Scott Adams posting on
the Dilbert blog that an atheist
like Bill Gates could be president:

A geek, a nerd, and a programmer walk into a bar
when the entire roof collapses on all 3 of them.
As the dust begans to clear they begin to see what
looks like a Scottish golfer holding a nine-iron.

The Geek stands up and says, "I think we're dead."
The nerd exclaims, "Oh my God, that's Bill Gates!"
The programmer mutters, "We've ended up in Hell."

Mr. Gates just chuckles and explains to the boys
that he retired from Microsoft and bought Heaven.
I call it, "Bill Gates meets the Pearly Gates."
The dorks snort approvingly at the King of Dorks.

"You see" he continues, "I heard it is harder for
a rich man to get into Heaven than a camel to get
through the eye of needle, so I bought the place."

Gates lines up a 90 foot chip, takes aim, and it
goes right into the cup. "And if you want to join
me here in Heaven you each must correctly answer
one technical question. But they will be easy.

The geek gets asked "What is under assembly code?"
and he quickly replies, "Machine Language"

The nerd is then asked "What's under Windows 95?"
to which he quickly sneers "DOS 6.0"

The programmer then hears, "What is under my kilt?"
and he blurts out "Oh, I get the hard one"

And Bill Gates says, "Welcome everyone, to Heaven!"

11/20/06 @ 14:13
Comment from: Baby Blue Eyes [Visitor] Email
I'm bringin' sexy back...
Them other f***** don't know how to act
Girl let me make up for all the things you lack
Because you're burning up I got to get it fast
11/21/06 @ 07:37

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