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Comment from: patricia [Visitor] Email
Sergio Garcia couldn't have said it better.

11/14/06 @ 16:26
Comment from: Jose Marmolejos [Visitor] Email
Oh please, stick to golf commentary, and forget about using your position to try to engage your audience to your illogical argument. First of all, does anyone know who George Foreman is? How he won the heavyweight title at 44? Does anyone remember how no one gave Ali a chance against the same much younger Foreman? Bottom line is that Mayweather has looked good beating mediocre (at best) fighters. De la Hoya fought everyone significant from his era, (something Mayweather has yet to do). Mayweather at a heavier weight division has no power to knock DLH out, and as if anyone was not watching the Baldomir fight, has no pop to his punches. Sure, when Mayweather fights guys that are not at the same caliber as him, hes going to look good, but he has just moved up too soon too quickly. DLH although not in his prime at 33 (is only 4 years older that Mayweather), still has enough in the tank to shut pretty boy's bloody mouth. Mayweather will be stopped in 11!
11/14/06 @ 17:16
Comment from: William K. Wolfrum [Member] Email

One lucky right hand against a weak-chinned Michael Moorer has no effect on my point. A much better example than yours would be Bernard Hopkins, who had (and perhaps will have again) great success as an older fighter. In fact, wasn't that Oscar writhing on the ground after a body shot from Hopkins? All Oscar has done in the two years since that completely humiliating defeat is beat Ricardo Mayorga, who was nothing.

1) The tough fights Oscar has had make him an old 34.

2) Name another great fighter to get stopped by a body shot.

3) If you want to see a preview of the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight, just find a tape of the Sugar Ray Leonard - Terry Norris fight in 1991. Floyd's gonna go Norris on Oscar's ass, all night long.

11/14/06 @ 18:10
Comment from: Abe [Visitor] Email
Some holes in your argument:

1) Even IF de la hoya is getting on in years, What shows any indication that he's getting worse? He's looking as good as ever, and to suggest that he'll suddenly move like he's 10 years older when he steps in the ring VS mayweather is ubsurd.

2) I love how you completely fail to mention that the fight is going to take place at 154. This is Mayweathers first fight at this weight class, and here's a tip: He doesn't perform all that well at 147. How will he fare at 154?

3) Mayweather has never, ever, frought anyone as fast or as strong, OR as big as de la hoya. I think that should even things out a bit. Dont you?

4) Your a golf commentator? Weak sauce. Seriously, stick with golf.
11/14/06 @ 19:04
Comment from: Jose Marmolejos [Visitor] Email

I would like to remind you, that Oscar did get knocked up by a stronger, older, wiser, more experienced, and bigger fighter in Hopkins. And that is exactly my point, Mayweather, is going to looking like Oscar did against B-Hop. I think i must also say that I like mayweather as a fighter, but he no match for DLH, because hes letting the hype get to his head. He is not fighting a scrub, hes fighting a world class, proven champion, just like when Oscar fought B-Hop. Carlos Baldomir, and Arturo Gatti, will never be in the same class as DLH, and ok, he's past his prime, but what a prime! And the reason why DLH wanted this fight is because he knows that he's still going to able to get to Mayweather and not only hurt him but knock him out!
11/19/06 @ 16:53
Comment from: ngse [Visitor] Email
guess what guys, DLH will win, pbf has not ever faced this kind of opposition- but if it was mosley, pbf would be kissing the canvas by 3
01/17/07 @ 13:37
Comment from: wayne [Visitor] Email
Oscar will drop Pretty Boy with a left hook or possible the overhand right. Oscar may be older and a bit slower however he is bigger, stronger, has more experience and has been hit by punches Pretty boy has not. The final reason I pick Oscar. Angelo Dundee picks Oscar and no one in their right mind would ever bet against Angelo Dundee. Talk to you May 6th.
01/31/07 @ 17:06
Comment from: Kent Turpin [Visitor] Email
One thing you guys are missing! If you want to look at age, speed goes first then power. In fact power is the last to leave which is what has allowed George Foreman and Bernard Hopkins to enjoy long careers. De la Hoya is no power puncher. This fight will be a matter of style and Speed. As much as I like the golden boy, his speed will be no match to the pretty boy. Oh and Carlos Baldimir is like a piece of Iron, who never ever hit Floyd.
03/19/07 @ 17:30
Comment from: Eff Floyd [Visitor] Email
It's not like Oscar is a slug. DLH is quick in his own right.

Toe to toe Floyd will not be able to handle Oscar's punching power, which will have him running as soon as he feels how hard DLH can hit.

Floyd will not be able to hurt Oscar. Huge advantage for DLH. It will allow Oscar to attack PBF fearlessly.

I hope PBF fans don't go betting their kids college funds on this fight. Come May 5th Floyd is going to be proven to be the biggest jackass in the country for all the crap he's been talking, especially on that HBO show.

04/16/07 @ 02:44

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