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Comment from: Dan R [Visitor] Email
Michelle is a has been before she ever arrived
10/15/06 @ 17:59
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
A) 'bout time for the old Demon Deacon. I hope that, when the time comes for me to retire from teaching, writing, coaching (or whatever it is I do for a living), that I will have the good sense to do so appropriately. Imagine the size of the ego, to hang on for so long. Yeah, we hear all about how he does it for "the fans, the army," but come on. He feeds the ego off that admiration.

B) What the hello is Dan R referring to? You don't make reference to Michelle Wie, and still he reacts as thought you had. Dan R., the never was who never arrived.
10/15/06 @ 22:55

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