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Comment from: Ford [Visitor] Email
That would be 0-4-1 for Captain Man Boobs.
09/28/06 @ 22:09
Comment from: Merrin [Visitor] Email
I always thought it was always "Tiger Vs. the field" longterm. Not tiger Vs. David Duvall, Ernie, Vijay or Phil.

However, slumps happen. I dont expect Phil to hide in a corner forever. He'll be back in contention.
09/30/06 @ 20:36
Comment from: InTheBunker [Visitor] Email
No, Phil will continue to hide behind his family--it's PC, keeps endorsement money flowing. He's wealthy beyond belief; isn't compelled to compete. He's content to "spend time with his family" when he doesn't feel like playing/working, and who will criticize that. Enjoy the banquet table Phil, see you 4 months.

Here's a guy who flys a private jet, has nannies up the wazoo, when he wins his family amazingly appears for the photo op--because they usually travel with him...but he need to spend more time with them.

10/01/06 @ 12:39
Comment from: Richard [Visitor] Email
I am deeply annoyed with Phil for not having the guts to work harder at his game and tackle The Tour Championship and the Grand Slam of golf. This is perhaps evidence of why such a talented player took so long to win a Major. I guess he will be back to compete, but I will not respect him as a golfer. VJ, on the other hand, has performed below his standards for the last few weeks but is out there working on his game and dealing with his slump.
10/02/06 @ 14:22
Comment from: jaypee [Visitor] Email
If you were to resume your acting career as a golf instructor, can I suggest a scenario ?

You: Phil, you really blew it when you won the Masters with 2 drivers.

Phil: How so ?

You: Well, since the Masters course is a much easier and more forgiving course for the driver, and since your game was at its best, you won and tought it was a brilliant idea.

Phil: So...?

You: At the US Open, during the tournament and specially in the last round, you realized (by hitting about 0 fairways) that introducing 2 different tools, and 4 possible trajectories and 6 adaptable swing paths, you could not commit to the shot. This all culminated into total confusion on the 18th tee. Too many variables.

Phil: What do you suggest ?

You: Go to your local discount golf shop, pick up a driver, go to the range and figure out what you can and cannot do with it and get back on the course. However, you can totally forget about being on the 18th tee, in a third consecutive major, in position for an easy win and to go for a fourth one. This will never happen again...

At this point in the scenario, someone from his sponsor team hits you from behind.

10/02/06 @ 16:57
Comment from: Maria [Visitor] Email
Jodie Foster was a bitch? Really? She doesn't seem like it. Can you tell me a specific example of why she was?
By the way, I thought you were great in that movie, you could have been an amazing actor, I'm sorry it didn't work out.
11/23/07 @ 19:57

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