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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
While I admire the brilliant analogy, I deflate the pomposity of your (ass)ertion with a deft swipe of a needle. The only American who didn't care about the Ryder Cup was Tom Weiskopf in 1979, he of the hunting excursion. Weiskopf's boorishness is a blog series of its own. The USA cares about as much as it can. Trouble is, Europe cares more. That's the way it is with the underdog. Unless we have USA-China one day for the General Tso Cup, where we will be the decided economic underdog, the USA simply cannot feel inferior to any other country.
09/24/06 @ 21:40
We have a chant this side of the water (that's all points east of Reykjavik) that goes something like this:

Just because you're losing.

Laughed myself stupid over the Bin Laden stuff though. Just one correction: because of necessary budget cuts to fund the ongoing jihad on earth, the number of virgins has been cut to 50.
09/25/06 @ 04:40

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